Our favourite Five [July 2016]

It’s been a while since I linked up with Maria From suburban mum for Our Fave Five.

It’s a great way to keep track of the things you have enjoyed that month and great to look back on months/years later. We always think we will remember things, but often don’t. It’s like a little happiness tracker 💕

So here is JULY


July saw Zachary finish pre-school nursery. His nursery staff have been amazing there were tears from both the students and the teachers at their mini graduation. They have helped Zachary to progress more than I dared hope for when he started.

Zachary has created some really strong relationships with his teachers and support staff. To the point where on occasions at home he has become overwhelmed He will ask for them as they are a source of comfort and security.

I wanted to get them a gift each but didn’t have lots of money and wanted to do something that involved Zachary. We decided to make them cards. Zachary painted each card specifically for each person. I spoke to him about each teacher/support worker and I wrote words and comments that he said about them each. I then wrote a heartfelt thank you from me and Sean.

We took them in after all the other students had left and Zachary was initially very overwhelmed and crying but once he saw the staff he became extremely excited and was jumping and flapping and scripting and it was beautiful.



July has seen me doing lots of baby wearing. I love wearing Ezra and I was lucky enough to holiday a woven wings ring sling (the one with all the triangles). It was beautiful and I did fall a little bit in love with it.

Babywearing has meant I have had my hands free for the other children should they need them. I also found a pretty wrap and shades makes me feel like a million dollars.


We put down bark chips in our back garden to replace some paving slabs and stones that were there previously. The boys constantly take their shoes and socks off in the garden and they were constantly hurting themselves.

The bark has been great. We aren’t worrying about them throwing it and it’s soft enough to sit on. The boys get great sensory and creative play mixing it with grass to make birds nests, burying their feet in it or throwing it in the air. Zachary loves it as it the same as the ‘field’ as at nursery.



I have mentioned in a few of my posts my love and appreciation for the NHS.  July saw me being very, very thankful. At 11 days old my littlest son Ezra took a turn for the worse. I noticed he was having some difficulty breathing. We went straight to A+E. He ended up being in for 5 days he had a serious case of bronchilitis and was admitted to the High Dependency Unit when the top of his right lung collapsed. The Staff were amazing and extremely caring and they really made me feel at ease.

Due to some personal problems I was unable to stay with him the whole time, but the hospital allowed my Mum to stay with him which was a huge relief and sense of comfort. They provided an electric breast pump to allow him to have as much breastmilk as possible. One member of staff really out me at ease, she was chatty and she placed a notre on his door saying SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS : Lots of cuddles

Thankfully Ezra made a swift recovery due to the wonderful staff. Thank you NHS x


July has been all about getting to know the latest addition to our family, Ezra. He is adorable, I know I am biased. I have adored watching his little cheeks plump out, his facial expressions are hilarious and the not so quiet ‘goat’ noises he makes are the cutest.

He has slotted in so well to our family and the older boys adore him, sometimes a little too much. It is beautiful watching them all develop their own relationships with him. We couldn’t imagine life without him.


Thanks for reading




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