The Woman behind the rants



First and foremost, thank you for finding your way to my blog and for being brave enough to want to find out more about the lady who posts these lengthy rants and insights. Well, where do I start? My name is Cherie not Cherry as the name of this blog indicates 😊. I have no issue being called Cherry, believe me I have been called worse!

So, my name is Cherie, I am 31 years old, I live in the United Kingdom, specifically Birmingham in the West Midlands. I am married to a pain in the butt wonderful man called Sean. We have four children all whom are boys, so I am totally outnumbered in my house. I can’t tell you about myself without mentioning my family now can I?



This is my long suffering Husband, we have been together for 11 years <WOW> that is more than a whole decade. We have just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary this August. Now, I like to try and see the positive in life, but I also don’t pretend it is all Unicorns and Rainbows either. It has been a long and hard seven years and we are continually learning to keep adjusting as we grow as individuals, a couple and as a family. Sean is the brains of our family, so I guess I am the looks heart of it. We are very different people, but when we are in alignment we compliment each other perfectly.


Oliver is eight. Oliver is my first born and he taught me how to be a mother. He is smart, funny, kind, loving, but he can also be stubborn, emotional and irrational as I am sure you will discover through my posts a very normal eight year old boy. he loves to play football and the Playstation Four, but his favourite past time is spending time with his family, both immediate and extended. Most of all he is my Sunshine.


Zachary is Four.Which means he starts school in September. He is the happiest little boy I have ever known. Zachary has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Sensory processing disorder and although there are times when this makes life with four little boys a bit more challenging, there are many more times when it brings complete and utter joy. He reminds us to savour the simple things in life and to not rush ahead. Zachary loves anything physical, Paw Patrol, Thomas the tank engine, YouTube, Ipads and smart phones. He is my shining star.


Darwin, he is Two…where the time has gone I do not know. He is swiftly leaving behind all traces of babyhood as he keeps advancing and developing into toddlerhood. he is the cheekiest little so and so you will ever meet. He has the cutest little smile…its all teeth and dimples. Darwin loves anything physical especially if he can make lots of noise! He is our little tornado. He adores anything to do with Paw Patrol, trains (especially Diesel 10) and climbing and jumping. He loves looking out the windows at the cars and shouting “cars, cars, cars”. He is my ray of light.


Ezra is our most recent addition. He is 7 weeks old. He is super duper cute and pulls the funniest faces. He makes noises that sound like a goat and we all love him. He is my world. 

Why do I blog?

I blog because it helps me to clear my cluttered mind. It lets me put my opinions, thoughts and feelings out there. Sometimes, it even helps me to process what I am feeling or helps me know how to respond to a situation. It’s cathartic. 

Although it is always exciting when someone reads and/or comments on one of my posts, that is not the sole purpose of this blog. It is literally a space to pour out the contents of my head.

I also do it because, it’s very easy to feel lonely as a parent, especially a parent of a child with any form of delay/disability. I just write about what we experience in the hope it will let others know they are not alone. I wanted to write blog posts that people like me can relate to. People who haven’t got it all figured out, people who aren’t trying to pretend everything is perfect. People who get overwhelmed, frustrated and scared. I try my best to be honest, even though I worry what people will think of me. I like to try and support and encourage people. I have been lucky to have a few people contact because of this blog and ask for advice/support and it has been a privilege to try and help them.

So why do I blog? Because I want to. I hope you will follow my journey I can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully see you there. 

Thanks for reading


          Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


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