A snippet of our week in snapshots #2

Hello and welcome to my blog.

If you are returning, then a huge thanks and a high five to you! I appreciate the support.

As I shared last Sunday, I will we posting a Sunday a photo grid showing pictures of what we have been up to that week. If you want to see what we did last week click here.

Don’t forget you can follow our hashtag #asnippetofourweekinsnapshots over on instagram too.

So this week consisted of


We had some nice weather so I attempted to do structured play with the boys. We did water painting in the garden, it was a lot of fun. We haven’t really used water paints that much but they are perfect. So easy to use and easy to clean up after too.

•Potty Training• 

Darwin did three poops and one pee on the toilet unprompted…. Say whaaaaa???

It didn’t last long, even with lots of encouragement our Poang and floor ended up covered in pee.


So the new school uniforms arrived and I had to try them on Darwin. He looks so cute I could eat him!!!!


Yeah, so I thought soup would make a good lunch. Quick and easy and I forgot MESSY!! Thankfully I have these Ikea aprons, which keep soup of the kids as well as paint and glue when crafting.

•Nature walk•

We went on a little nature walk and found these teeny weeny snails. They have actually inspired a blog post I am writing. Keep your eyes peeled.


I have started taking pictures and created another Instagram account so I can start selling some of the boys old clothes. All the money will be used to but them more clothes.. And maybe chocolate [for me]


We stayed home all day and by bedtime they were bouncing off the walls. Aunty Lauren came to visit. We decided to get out of the house and we went puddle hunting. We looked crazy but it gave us all a break, even if it was after bedtime!


Darwin will turn three on Wednesday and I am planning a little tea party for a few kiddies. I’m trying to provide activities and one of them is making rockets and hover packs. I’ve been spray paining old milk cartons and cola bottles. It’s really cool!


So it’s going to be potty training time for Darwin soon, except he won’t use a potty so I bought this weepod which will allow him to go straight into the toilet safely.

So that was our week

What have you been up to? let me know in the comments x

[15-21 /09/2016]

Thanks for reading

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒

Cherie 💕


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