When things go wrong, but turn out right 

A few weeks ago I decided to try out a Channel Mum hack for making playdough. It showed the lovely Emily Norris making (non edible) playdough with just three ingredients.

• Cornflour

• Conditioner

• Food colouring

I took lots of photos to show the process and end result, so I could write a post about it.

BUT…. I just couldn’t get the consistency right. It was either too wet or too dry. I tried adding more conditioner, more cornflour. But it wasn’t meant to be. Every time I got what I thought was the right consistency it would start to crumble. It ended up more of a gloop, which my kids loved anyway. So no Mum points were lost. Phew!

A few days later I decided to try again with a recipe which was ultimately the same but substituted the cornflour for normal flour and it worked. Hurray! Me and my two middle boys had a great time making it, I didn’t take any photos this time whilst making it but, when it was finished and I realised how well it had worked I thought I would take some pics to share on Instagram and to say how easy it was to make… That’s when it all went wrong.

I popped upstairs to get my phone, leaving the boys playing with the playdough. I came down to this.

They had tipped a cup of cordial all over the table soaking the playdough. I’m not going to lie I was frustrated, why do they have to destroy everything?

* I know they weren’t destroying they were experimenting, but I’m tired and hormonal and yeah.

Anyway, we managed to sort the situation by adding more flour (after drying and cleaning the table). This is what we ended up with. Not too shabby and it’s the soft playdough EVER as verified by my eight year old who said it felt like “rainbows and dreams”.

Zachary got some great sensory feedback from it and was using his whole body to play with it, including his knees. We also got out the Easter biscuit cutters (that were never used at Easter) and the boys had loads of fun with these too.

But before we managed to sort the playdough and have all this fun. We had sprinkled the table wth flour to knead the wet playdough and the kids absolutely loved it.

Flour was everywhere including on our shoes. Zachary and Darwin helped to clear it up. They were drawing shapes and doing mark making, saying different letters and numbers. It ended up being lots of fun. I found a new activity for them to do and it’s super cheap too.

So things never worked out how I planned, but the boys learnt a few things about cleaning up, working together and got to work on some important skills which will help develop their literacy and numeracy. Most of all they fun.

That’s two happy little boys, albeit a bit floury.
Thanks for reading

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒

Cherie 💕


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