Thanks for your patience πŸ’•

I haven’t blogged lately.

Well that’s not completely true. I haven’t published any posts for a while. I have been trying to keep writing but it’s hard. 

Hard to find time.

Hard to stay focused.

Hard to know what to write 

It’s also hard to keep up the ‘confidence’ I’m not sure if that is the right word?!?

I’ve been hit lately with a bout of self doubt when it comes to my writing. I don’t really feel I have anything to offer. However, I have had a few messages and comments from people telling me how much they enjoy reading my blog. 

Thank you. 

I find it very hard to be confident/proud of anything I do or to take credit for things, but I do want to learn. 

So there will be more posts soon. I promise. Thank you for waiting. This post is not so people will say how great my blog is or anything like that, it’s just me being honest. 

The great thing about this blog is even if no one reads it, it’s a great record for me of how I have been feeling and the adventures life has thrown at me. I recently read some posts I wrote last year and it was good. 

So as always thanks for reading 

Cherrysnotmyname πŸ’

Cherie πŸ’•


6 thoughts on “Thanks for your patience πŸ’•

  1. Hey lovely
    I know how it feels regarding your confidence, pride & taking credit.
    I don’t think it always works blogging every week or day for every blogger.
    Just keep writing when you can.

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  2. I know you irl and you are fabulous, take credit for being an awesome friend who sees a request on fb and reaches out, helping someone! Don’t forget you are as well a new mama experienced but still, it’s also the holidays and your boys are amazing, a huge credit to you! Give your self a break enjoy the time you have to just chill (not that chill is the right word for a mother of 4 young boys but you get my drift) don’t put on the pressure to be all things to everyone and the writing will come in it’s own time and we of course will be ready and waiting xxx

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    • Oh Clare

      Thank you so much. That’s such a sweet message. I really wish I could stop wanting to be all things to all people. I am trying and slowly learning. I guess I want to make sure that I am writing things I enjoy writing about and that my ‘passion’ shows.



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