#WickedWednesdays [25.05.16]

We haven’t played along for ages… So I thought why not have a go this week. The lovely Emma over at Brummymummyof2 runs this linky every week and is always good for a laugh and light humour. The purpose is to show the real side of parenting

This is the after shot. This is when we had a poopsplosion and he had  to have an emergency shower in the middle of the day. He was not happy and the only thing that got him to calm down after was being allowed to eat crisps naked on the sofa whilst looking out the window… Talk about living the dream, oh to be almost three again 😂

One of the situations when you don’t know which one of your children have done something, but you have a sneaking suspicion, but no proof. The joys of having a few kiddos. No idea how long they were there (they had been thrown out of the bedroom window). I had the joys job of removing the slugs *bork* and washing them. Did I get a thank you??? Ummmmm, no.

Feel free to follow the #hashtag #WickedWednesdays over on Instagram and Twitter. You can go see what other gems some others are sharing and if you want to take part, pop over to Emma’s site and link up too 😆

Thanks for
Cherrysnotmyname 🍒
Cherie 💕

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