Easter… How do you do yours?


First of let me begin by wishing you a “Happy Easter” whatever that means for you. I am not religious, although I do have some sort of faith. Although I am not always entirely sure what in. I was bought up Christian and through my childhood and teens, Easter was very much about the resurrection of Christ and maybe a chocolate egg or two.

 As I grew up and moved away from the Church, Easter became about working extra hours for more money and working the bank holiday to gain some free hours. Woohoo. I wasn’t interested in going out parting at Easter, it was all so expensive and I could do it much cheaper at another point in the week.

As I have grown and become a Mother, Easter is all about my children. Over the years we have created what are now our family traditions. I’m not sure how they all developed, but they have and we love them. 

Easter Crafts

The Easter egg bunting picture at the top of this post was made by myself and my middle son Zachary. Every year, we do some sort of Arts and Crafts. I find Easter is a great time to make myself sit and do some simple crafting with them and it’s always pretty easy to find craft ideas and inspiration around the holidays. 

Easter baking

I’m not sure whether I can technically call it baking. Every Easter we make yummy treats. This year we made 2 different kinds of rice crispie cakes.


We made one using rice crispies and marshmallows. Yum yum yum. They were all gooey and very yummy. We also made little ‘cakes’ with Coco Pops, white chocolate, and marshmallows. These were also super yummy. 

I find Easter slows me down and having the children off for two weeks although it’s honestly a little daunting at times (what the heck am I going to do with them for TWO whole weeks?) It also gives me the chance to think about  actual structured activities. It provides quality time and the children are learning various skills without even realising it. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Now I am a bit of a meanie mummy, I have never taken the kids to an actual Easter egg hunt. We’ve always just done it in our house. I’m not sure how it started, but we like to hide the eggs in silly places with a clue  which tells them where to look for the next one. 

This year I decided to put a bit more effort into the clues and rather than write them on a scrap of paper, 10 mins before, I prepared them the night before.


* No judgement if you have written yours on a scrap of paper… That’s how I have been doing it for the past 5 years. 

Whilst making these last night I realised I am not artistic, but I can be resourceful and creative (when I put my mind to it). After talking to some friends I realised that not everyone does clues, som hide them in the garden and say “Goooooo” which sounds like a lot of fun. I like our little tradition of clues and think I will keep it up, it works particularly well as the children get older.

So here are some clues that we have this year… Can you figure out where the eggs will be hidden? 

🐰 You put your clothes here to get nice and clean, you call me the washing ???

🍫 You come here every night to get some sleep, but today you need to look underneath me

🐣 In real I life you DO NOT TOUCH, because I get hot hot hot, but I am just a toy version you see, you cannot really bake a cake in me.

If the children need a hand then we will help them figure out the clues. They all hunt together and the eggs get shared out at the end.


This has to be the tradition where I’m never quite sure what other parents think. Again I’m not entirely sure how this started. I know some people do Easter baskets with sticker books, a little toy and something to do with Easter. We do slightly bigger presents.

This year Oliver is getting a bike. There are three reasons for this.

 1) He has well and truly outgrown his old one

2) His birthday is right at the end of November and the weather is generally shite.

3) I don’t like the idea of buying such a big present willy nilly through out the year (meanie mummy again).

I know I don’t have to explain myself, but I always feel like I should. Getting a bike now is perfect as he will have it for the Easter and Summer holidays! We normally try to get them something outdoorsy as the weather is beginning to cheer up. 

Well there you have other. They are our family traditions that have evolved over the years. What traditions do you have? Also were you able to work out my ‘clues’? 

Thanks for reading

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒

Cherie 💕


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