Hello… 2016, I’ve been expecting you. 

 I am going to go out in a limb and assume there are a million and one posts out there welcoming 2016. I just hope you are willing to read another, specifically this one, almost 4 months after it was actually drafted.

I know I have been very quiet on here as of late. If you follow me on my other forms of social media,  first off well done, if you don’t you should start right now, this instant. Click the links and follow meeee Instagram  and  Twitter Anyway if you do,you may have a bit of an idea why I have been a little quiet. If not here’s a little preview.

Well first off just before Christmas we shared this little post 


Yes, that’s right we are having another baby. Bringing our total up to FOUR! I am due at the end of June. I am now almost 27 weeks and have a bit of of a bump 



That picture was from a few weeks ago when I got baby’s first wrap. It’s gorgeous, also as we don’t know the gender it will be pretty cool that it works for either a boy or girl. I’ve been pretty exhausted, sick and generally a bit meh. Just waiting for that second trimester glow to kick in now…. Any mintue now… Even though I’m less than 2 weeks away from third Tri. 

We had sickness go through our household over Christmas and New Year which sucked, but the littlies still managed to have a good time. Although Oliver didn’t get a Christmas dinner and was gutted when he asked for it two days later to find I had binned it. Thankfully Sean was ill at Christmas and I was ill at New Year. Two sick parents at the same time would have truly sucked!! 

I’ve started my driving lessons and this week passed my theory on my second attempt! This baby was a surprise, unexpected but not unwanted. I feel now like I am really coming to terms with the fact we are having another baby. I’m starting to get a bit more excited. I am really hoping for another natural birth. My first was an emergency c section (where I was put to sleep), second was a natural delivery and third was an unplanned c section (technically classed as emergency, but such a different experience from my first). I’m hoping to have as natural a birth as possible this time round. 

I plan to start blogging regularly again, I genuinely missed it. Once I am more organised I also want to set up a YouTube channel too. I hope you will follow me on there when I do. 

So I will stop rambling now. I would love for some ideas for blog posts and if anyone has any questions for me. For now though me and bump bid you farewell.

Thanks for reading

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒

Cherie 💕


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