Finding out we were growing baby number FOUR!!!!

This is the week where it all began, well not literally where it all began, but where we were let into the little secret that was brewing in my uterus. 

I’m am going to state that this was unplanned but not unwanted.

I’ve had a few scares over the years and have become a bit of a POAS (Pee On a stick) addict. I would convince myself every month and from the third week into my cycle begin to drive myself crazy. I can’t imagine to begin to think of how many ‘sticks’ I have pee’d on over the years. Anywho, my cycle had been a little screwy the passed few months since taking some medication to delay it whilst we were on holiday earlier in the year. So when my period was 4 days late I never thought anything of it. 

I was 4 days late (my last period had been 10 days late) and I was about to go and have my first course of the contraception injection. I don’t know what made me do it, but on the way to the doctors I went in and bought a boots own brand pack of two pregnancy tests. I told myself it was so I could take the test and tell the nurse confidently there was no risk of me being pregnant, I was due a smear test too. Hurray. 

I pushed the heavily ladden double pushchair to the doctors surgery and manoeuvred myself and the pram into the toilets and I proceeded to do the test. I was telling myself there no way I was and I had already pee’d 4 times so no hormone would show up anyway. Well let’s just say I didn’t have to wait the full 3 minutes for the results as I had 2 very obvious, very pink lines shouting at me that I was pregnant. Fuck.


I sent that picture to one of my best friends who had also recently found out they were pregnant again with the message “fuck”.

I was sat in the waiting room by now and I was shaking. I felt hot, sick and like I wanted to cry. I had never felt like this before getting a positive test and I knew why. Our other three boys had been planned. I had no idea what my husband would say. We had decided no more children at least not for a very long time hence the decision for me to start the contraception injection. 

I went in to see the nurse and said this is going to be a different type of appointment. I explained I had literally 3 mintues before got a positive test. She asked me if it was OK? I said I didn’t know. She gave me some information about my options. She said I needed to make a decision within a week.

I was told if I decided we didn’t want to continue with the pregnancy that I would be dealt with by the people on a piece of paper she handed me. If I decided to continue with it, to come back and get booked in with the midwife. I was told either way to take a prenatal vitamin and folic acid, so I popped back to boots on the way home and bought both.

I knew there was only one option for me. For my own personal reasons I knew I had to have this baby. After about 24hrs the hubby and I although still were still in shock and agreed, there was only ever really one way forward for us as a couple and a family. We’re having a baby!!!


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