Blood donation

Recently, I was actually rather poorly and ended up being admitted to hospital. Now for those of you that don’t follow me on my other social medium platforms  Twitter and Instagram   I am currently 26 weeks pregnant…. 


I’m going to give you some quick details about me so what I am going to write will make more sense. I have blood type O Negative. My husband is A Positive, when he had our first child {Oliver, now 8}. I found out that being opposite blood types (Positve and negative) could cause problems during and within subsequent pregnancies if I was to suffer any abdominal trauma and/ or  vaginal bleeding. I’m am not exactly sure of the science NHS Info here but during pregnancy I have to have the Anti D injection. 

Another issue I have had involving my blood has plagued me since I was a teenager and started having very heavy periods, is anemia. Anemia is not something that is really discussed as most people can take some form of iron supplement and the issue is resolved quite quickly. For me this is not the case. I do not tolerate iron supplements. I have tried everything. My reactions have included

* Hives

* Instant projectile vomiting

* Nausea (to the point of struggling to function) 

* Chronic abdominal pain

* Swollen joints

* Difficultly breathing 

* Fainting/seizures

Unfortunately, I do not seem to absorb the iron naturally found in my diet as well as I should do. This means when I am not pregnant I am generally running at a reduced rate compared to others, BUT I am used to it, so just get on with it.
However when I am pregnant it is another story. The teeny weeny human I am growing takes everything it needs first, which means my iron/HB can drop quite low and quite quickly. In previous pregnancies I had an iron transfusion which didn’t go too well, I had a bad reaction, but did eventually raise my levels enough so I could continue to function.

This time however as I have been a vegetarian for 9 months my levels started out even lower… There is only so much broccoli and spinach a girl can eat. Anyway, I had to go to hospital for an Anti D injection, I was feeling particularly poorly and even though I was taking painkillers every 4 hours instead of getting better I was getting worse.

Long story short when the doctor saw me and did my observations, it was decided I needed to be admitted and was put in isolation and barrier nursed. I later found out they suspected I had swine flu. Thankfully I didn’t, I was however dehydrated, had a very bad cold, 2 infections and was quite anemic (7.8 HB), had low ferritin levels, B12 and folic acid levels. This resulted in me being rather poorly. Thankfully it was all relatively easy to treat. 

* IV fluids ✔️

* IV antibiotics ✔️

* IV painkillers ✔️

* Vitamin B12 injection ✔️

* Folic Acid tablets ✔️

* A blood transfusion ✔️

I had one unit of blood. It’s a small amount (about 330mls), it wasn’t a life or death type situation, but was decided it was the best course of action going forward. 


I have never donated blood, not through lack of trying. Normally my HB levels have been too low and my blood hasn’t been accepted. I am on the organ donor list, it’s something I have thought about a lot. Having now been on the recieving end of a blood donation, My first thought are to say thank you to anyone and everyone who does donate. 


I will never be able to donate blood, it’s one of the realities of having had a blood transfusion. I believe I may not be able to donate my organs now too. I understand this is a very personal subject and some people will choose not to look into these things, for personal reasons. I wanted to try and raise a little awareness (I’m hoping friends and family might see this and might be encouraged to donate).

As I said mine was not a life of death situation, although if my levels continued to plummet during the pregnancy, it could have led to this, particularly as I would have been as more risk of bleeding during the delivery. Anyway, I digress. 

I have had this transfusion and it has given me a new lease of life so to speak. If you want more info why not have a look at the  NHS blood and organ donation website? Maybe you could help someone in a way you maybe haven’t thought of before?

Anyway, I’m going to get off my soap box now. 

Thanks for reading

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒

Cherie 💕


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