Easter… How do you do yours?


First of let me begin by wishing you a “Happy Easter” whatever that means for you. I am not religious, although I do have some sort of faith. Although I am not always entirely sure what in. I was bought up Christian and through my childhood and teens, Easter was very much about the resurrection of Christ and maybe a chocolate egg or two.

 As I grew up and moved away from the Church, Easter became about working extra hours for more money and working the bank holiday to gain some free hours. Woohoo. I wasn’t interested in going out parting at Easter, it was all so expensive and I could do it much cheaper at another point in the week.

As I have grown and become a Mother, Easter is all about my children. Over the years we have created what are now our family traditions. I’m not sure how they all developed, but they have and we love them. 

Easter Crafts

The Easter egg bunting picture at the top of this post was made by myself and my middle son Zachary. Every year, we do some sort of Arts and Crafts. I find Easter is a great time to make myself sit and do some simple crafting with them and it’s always pretty easy to find craft ideas and inspiration around the holidays. 

Easter baking

I’m not sure whether I can technically call it baking. Every Easter we make yummy treats. This year we made 2 different kinds of rice crispie cakes.


We made one using rice crispies and marshmallows. Yum yum yum. They were all gooey and very yummy. We also made little ‘cakes’ with Coco Pops, white chocolate, and marshmallows. These were also super yummy. 

I find Easter slows me down and having the children off for two weeks although it’s honestly a little daunting at times (what the heck am I going to do with them for TWO whole weeks?) It also gives me the chance to think about  actual structured activities. It provides quality time and the children are learning various skills without even realising it. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Now I am a bit of a meanie mummy, I have never taken the kids to an actual Easter egg hunt. We’ve always just done it in our house. I’m not sure how it started, but we like to hide the eggs in silly places with a clue  which tells them where to look for the next one. 

This year I decided to put a bit more effort into the clues and rather than write them on a scrap of paper, 10 mins before, I prepared them the night before.


* No judgement if you have written yours on a scrap of paper… That’s how I have been doing it for the past 5 years. 

Whilst making these last night I realised I am not artistic, but I can be resourceful and creative (when I put my mind to it). After talking to some friends I realised that not everyone does clues, som hide them in the garden and say “Goooooo” which sounds like a lot of fun. I like our little tradition of clues and think I will keep it up, it works particularly well as the children get older.

So here are some clues that we have this year… Can you figure out where the eggs will be hidden? 

🐰 You put your clothes here to get nice and clean, you call me the washing ???

🍫 You come here every night to get some sleep, but today you need to look underneath me

🐣 In real I life you DO NOT TOUCH, because I get hot hot hot, but I am just a toy version you see, you cannot really bake a cake in me.

If the children need a hand then we will help them figure out the clues. They all hunt together and the eggs get shared out at the end.


This has to be the tradition where I’m never quite sure what other parents think. Again I’m not entirely sure how this started. I know some people do Easter baskets with sticker books, a little toy and something to do with Easter. We do slightly bigger presents.

This year Oliver is getting a bike. There are three reasons for this.

 1) He has well and truly outgrown his old one

2) His birthday is right at the end of November and the weather is generally shite.

3) I don’t like the idea of buying such a big present willy nilly through out the year (meanie mummy again).

I know I don’t have to explain myself, but I always feel like I should. Getting a bike now is perfect as he will have it for the Easter and Summer holidays! We normally try to get them something outdoorsy as the weather is beginning to cheer up. 

Well there you have other. They are our family traditions that have evolved over the years. What traditions do you have? Also were you able to work out my ‘clues’? 

Thanks for reading

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Finding out we were growing baby number FOUR!!!!

This is the week where it all began, well not literally where it all began, but where we were let into the little secret that was brewing in my uterus. 

I’m am going to state that this was unplanned but not unwanted.

I’ve had a few scares over the years and have become a bit of a POAS (Pee On a stick) addict. I would convince myself every month and from the third week into my cycle begin to drive myself crazy. I can’t imagine to begin to think of how many ‘sticks’ I have pee’d on over the years. Anywho, my cycle had been a little screwy the passed few months since taking some medication to delay it whilst we were on holiday earlier in the year. So when my period was 4 days late I never thought anything of it. 

I was 4 days late (my last period had been 10 days late) and I was about to go and have my first course of the contraception injection. I don’t know what made me do it, but on the way to the doctors I went in and bought a boots own brand pack of two pregnancy tests. I told myself it was so I could take the test and tell the nurse confidently there was no risk of me being pregnant, I was due a smear test too. Hurray. 

I pushed the heavily ladden double pushchair to the doctors surgery and manoeuvred myself and the pram into the toilets and I proceeded to do the test. I was telling myself there no way I was and I had already pee’d 4 times so no hormone would show up anyway. Well let’s just say I didn’t have to wait the full 3 minutes for the results as I had 2 very obvious, very pink lines shouting at me that I was pregnant. Fuck.


I sent that picture to one of my best friends who had also recently found out they were pregnant again with the message “fuck”.

I was sat in the waiting room by now and I was shaking. I felt hot, sick and like I wanted to cry. I had never felt like this before getting a positive test and I knew why. Our other three boys had been planned. I had no idea what my husband would say. We had decided no more children at least not for a very long time hence the decision for me to start the contraception injection. 

I went in to see the nurse and said this is going to be a different type of appointment. I explained I had literally 3 mintues before got a positive test. She asked me if it was OK? I said I didn’t know. She gave me some information about my options. She said I needed to make a decision within a week.

I was told if I decided we didn’t want to continue with the pregnancy that I would be dealt with by the people on a piece of paper she handed me. If I decided to continue with it, to come back and get booked in with the midwife. I was told either way to take a prenatal vitamin and folic acid, so I popped back to boots on the way home and bought both.

I knew there was only one option for me. For my own personal reasons I knew I had to have this baby. After about 24hrs the hubby and I although still were still in shock and agreed, there was only ever really one way forward for us as a couple and a family. We’re having a baby!!!

Hello… 2016, I’ve been expecting you.Β 

 I am going to go out in a limb and assume there are a million and one posts out there welcoming 2016. I just hope you are willing to read another, specifically this one, almost 4 months after it was actually drafted.

I know I have been very quiet on here as of late. If you follow me on my other forms of social media,  first off well done, if you don’t you should start right now, this instant. Click the links and follow meeee Instagram  and  Twitter Anyway if you do,you may have a bit of an idea why I have been a little quiet. If not here’s a little preview.

Well first off just before Christmas we shared this little post 


Yes, that’s right we are having another baby. Bringing our total up to FOUR! I am due at the end of June. I am now almost 27 weeks and have a bit of of a bump 



That picture was from a few weeks ago when I got baby’s first wrap. It’s gorgeous, also as we don’t know the gender it will be pretty cool that it works for either a boy or girl. I’ve been pretty exhausted, sick and generally a bit meh. Just waiting for that second trimester glow to kick in now…. Any mintue now… Even though I’m less than 2 weeks away from third Tri. 

We had sickness go through our household over Christmas and New Year which sucked, but the littlies still managed to have a good time. Although Oliver didn’t get a Christmas dinner and was gutted when he asked for it two days later to find I had binned it. Thankfully Sean was ill at Christmas and I was ill at New Year. Two sick parents at the same time would have truly sucked!! 

I’ve started my driving lessons and this week passed my theory on my second attempt! This baby was a surprise, unexpected but not unwanted. I feel now like I am really coming to terms with the fact we are having another baby. I’m starting to get a bit more excited. I am really hoping for another natural birth. My first was an emergency c section (where I was put to sleep), second was a natural delivery and third was an unplanned c section (technically classed as emergency, but such a different experience from my first). I’m hoping to have as natural a birth as possible this time round. 

I plan to start blogging regularly again, I genuinely missed it. Once I am more organised I also want to set up a YouTube channel too. I hope you will follow me on there when I do. 

So I will stop rambling now. I would love for some ideas for blog posts and if anyone has any questions for me. For now though me and bump bid you farewell.

Thanks for reading

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Blood donation

Recently, I was actually rather poorly and ended up being admitted to hospital. Now for those of you that don’t follow me on my other social medium platforms  Twitter and Instagram   I am currently 26 weeks pregnant…. 


I’m going to give you some quick details about me so what I am going to write will make more sense. I have blood type O Negative. My husband is A Positive, when he had our first child {Oliver, now 8}. I found out that being opposite blood types (Positve and negative) could cause problems during and within subsequent pregnancies if I was to suffer any abdominal trauma and/ or  vaginal bleeding. I’m am not exactly sure of the science NHS Info here but during pregnancy I have to have the Anti D injection. 

Another issue I have had involving my blood has plagued me since I was a teenager and started having very heavy periods, is anemia. Anemia is not something that is really discussed as most people can take some form of iron supplement and the issue is resolved quite quickly. For me this is not the case. I do not tolerate iron supplements. I have tried everything. My reactions have included

* Hives

* Instant projectile vomiting

* Nausea (to the point of struggling to function) 

* Chronic abdominal pain

* Swollen joints

* Difficultly breathing 

* Fainting/seizures

Unfortunately, I do not seem to absorb the iron naturally found in my diet as well as I should do. This means when I am not pregnant I am generally running at a reduced rate compared to others, BUT I am used to it, so just get on with it.
However when I am pregnant it is another story. The teeny weeny human I am growing takes everything it needs first, which means my iron/HB can drop quite low and quite quickly. In previous pregnancies I had an iron transfusion which didn’t go too well, I had a bad reaction, but did eventually raise my levels enough so I could continue to function.

This time however as I have been a vegetarian for 9 months my levels started out even lower… There is only so much broccoli and spinach a girl can eat. Anyway, I had to go to hospital for an Anti D injection, I was feeling particularly poorly and even though I was taking painkillers every 4 hours instead of getting better I was getting worse.

Long story short when the doctor saw me and did my observations, it was decided I needed to be admitted and was put in isolation and barrier nursed. I later found out they suspected I had swine flu. Thankfully I didn’t, I was however dehydrated, had a very bad cold, 2 infections and was quite anemic (7.8 HB), had low ferritin levels, B12 and folic acid levels. This resulted in me being rather poorly. Thankfully it was all relatively easy to treat. 

* IV fluids βœ”οΈ

* IV antibiotics βœ”οΈ

* IV painkillers βœ”οΈ

* Vitamin B12 injection βœ”οΈ

* Folic Acid tablets βœ”οΈ

* A blood transfusion βœ”οΈ

I had one unit of blood. It’s a small amount (about 330mls), it wasn’t a life or death type situation, but was decided it was the best course of action going forward. 


I have never donated blood, not through lack of trying. Normally my HB levels have been too low and my blood hasn’t been accepted. I am on the organ donor list, it’s something I have thought about a lot. Having now been on the recieving end of a blood donation, My first thought are to say thank you to anyone and everyone who does donate. 


I will never be able to donate blood, it’s one of the realities of having had a blood transfusion. I believe I may not be able to donate my organs now too. I understand this is a very personal subject and some people will choose not to look into these things, for personal reasons. I wanted to try and raise a little awareness (I’m hoping friends and family might see this and might be encouraged to donate).

As I said mine was not a life of death situation, although if my levels continued to plummet during the pregnancy, it could have led to this, particularly as I would have been as more risk of bleeding during the delivery. Anyway, I digress. 

I have had this transfusion and it has given me a new lease of life so to speak. If you want more info why not have a look at the  NHS blood and organ donation website? Maybe you could help someone in a way you maybe haven’t thought of before?

Anyway, I’m going to get off my soap box now. 

Thanks for reading

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