10 things my toddler does, I just don’t get!

My youngest Darwin is 2 years and 3 months and in full swing when it comes to being a toddler. 

He can already partially undress himself, feed himself and is more mobile than I really care for. Jumping, climbing, running, climbing, did I mention the climbing? Haha. 

Well there are many things he does that I just don’t understand. 

1. It’s freezing cold outside, but it’s still a battle to get him to keep his shoes and socks on. A hat? Gloves? Not a hope in hell. Why?

2. Wanting to clean everything but his teeth with his tooth brush. The bath, the wall, the sink… His eyeballs!!!

3. Hands in his nappy playing with his newly discovered penis (you would think with two older brothers I would be used to this, but they both skipped this stage)… Hope he isn’t still doing at at 15.

4. Only being able to actively engage for 30-90 seconds whenever I plan arts and crafts activities, but if he should find a rouge permanent marker he turns into Picasso.

5. Spinning. Spinning . Spinning. Falling over and again spinning, spinning, spinning and repeat. This time lets close our eyes. I get dizzy just watching.

6. Just how much he loves Peppa Pig and her family. He goes mental when we put on ‘Peppa Pig Blocks’ on YouTube. * Have you had to do this yet? It’s basically adults opening up Peppa Pig block play sets and sometimes they make up stories. Have you seen the views??  Although I reckon 42,567 of those are my boys alone. 

7. Throwing. He likes to throw things at people, out of his pushchair, off the sofa. This is also how he communicates when he has finished his food and drink. Yes as you can imagine this has been messy!

8. Switches. This is one of his favourite past times. Climbing to get to the ‘good’ switches. The one that turns the lights on and off. 3 out of 6 bulbs still active.. Others blown by excessive switching on and off. Kids eh

9.  Confined spaces. You will often find Darwin under the indoor trampoline, under the coffee table, lying in the floor feet under the sofa. Squished between the bed and the wall, he squeezes himself down there and then obviously moans when he gets stuck. Boxes make perfect spaces especially when squished in with his brother.

10. His love of drinks. I swear this child could drink a river. He is always trying to steal others drinks and can cane a pint of juice faster than most adults. It’s one of his only clear words other than “Peppa” obviously. 
I know that this is all pretty standard toddler behaviour, but my older two pretty much skipped all of these stages and Darwin seems like a raging loon compared to those two at that age. 

What things do your crazy toddlers/preschoolers do? 

Thanks for reading

Cherie X

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


2 thoughts on “10 things my toddler does, I just don’t get!

  1. Everything except for #3 & 7 felt like you were describing Isabella! Especially the opening toys video on YouTube. I believe that to Autistic children watching these clips over and over helps them learn how to play with these toys. The catch is to join them when they do get their own set because then the way they play with the toy turns into a script and they won’t want to play with it any other way 🙂 love your post!!

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    • Thank you for reading and posting. A comment I really appreciate it. I did think I should have added that a parent with a child with ASD/SPD may also relate to this post.

      Darwin obviously doesn’t have any form of diagnosis but if these behaviours continue then, he probably will end up with one. He very sensory bit whether or not that means he has SPD we will wait and see.

      I agree Zachary loves watching and learning how to play and the key is to help him develop from there and not let it become and script. We are working on it, lol.

      As ever you advice, support and comments are always welcome. I hope you and the family are all well xx


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