A Review {Zoflora}

Review posts for products, particularly for cleaning products often leave me feeling a little bit meh.

It’s the same when I see adverts on TV for razors and it’s quite clear the lady has waxed before using the razor and therefore you won’t get a realistic idea of what the razor can actually do and in turn this makes me a little dubious.

I feel it is often like that with reviews too, cleaning an already clean house can only show you so much, but cleaning something that is actually dirty, well that’s a whole other ball game. I decided to really see what Zoflora can do.

Our stairway is one of the most frequently used areas in our house,  It is the definition of a high traffic area. We have a safety gate at the top, a window and window sill and the skirting too.

Yes. I am aware my walls need painting, to be fair the whole house does, but that’s another blog post. When I do tend to tidy this area it’s normally just moving anything that shouldn’t be there and a quick sweep and vacuum, which means all the wood work, window sill and safety gate gets neglected. Today I decided to give it a clean and see what the Zoflora could do.

I went for the limited edition Apple Orchard scent. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white plastic screw top.

As you can see it bought up the handle of the safety gate beautifully and it’s always good to know that when my kiddies grubby little fingers are on there, that it is clean and germ free.

Zoflora can be used both neat and diluted depending on what you are cleaning. I made up a diluted solution in a clear plastic spray bottle bought from my local hardware store.

Look at the state of those windows. Am I asking too much of just one product? I diluted the solution and was surprised to find that it still smelt beautifully of the Apple scent. But what surprised me even more was

 The difference. My window and window was almost literally sparkling and it took barely any effort at all. I used a basic microfibre glove and was naughty and didn’t wear any gloves and unlike other cleaning products I have done this with my hands never ended up dry and sore.

 Do not use on Polished wood surfaces. Always read the instructions.

I also used it on my wood work and it came up beautifully and again it was effortless, no elbow grease required. I was surprised at how well this product worked on so many different surfaces. I did use in it in a few other places in my house afterwards as it did such a good job in my stairway. I used it on my laminate flooring and I used it neat on my sink and down my drains. Did I mention my house smells beautiful

I was sent a free bottle of the limited edition Apple scent Zoflora in exchange for my honest opinion and my honest opinion quite simply is I love it.

 + It is easy to use and being able to use it both neat and diluted means it is easy for it to suit most of your cleaning needs in the home. you can safely use Zoflora on your Floors, Baths, Tiles, Taps, Work tops, Drains, Dishcloths, Toilets and potties.

+ It smells fresh and clean and the smell genuinely lingers for quite some time, it doesn’t fade almost instantly like other alternative brands

+ It is effective but not harsh, I accidentally spilt some on my top and my carpet and there was absolutely NO discolouration to either

+ 99.9 of bateria and viruses killed including E.coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and many more. This is great to know especially when you have children and/or pets

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

Did you know that Zoflora comes in SIXTEEN different fragrances…I Must try them all. Which your favourite??

Thank you for reading

Cherie x



2 thoughts on “A Review {Zoflora}

  1. I adore Zoflora! (a little too much I think haha)

    I use (for my split frame shots) called an app called “Layout” its great & doesn’t put on that watermark all other apps do )

    great review! I shall be using it on my windows from now on! (never thought of using it there!!)


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so Much for your feedback Hannah, it is much appreciated. I will look into that app too.

      I remember my Mum using Zoflora as a child, but it was a fragrance I wasn’t keen on, but I really do love the the Apple Orchard fragrance.


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