#WickedWednesdays {04.11.2015}

Hey all,

It’s been a whole week since my last  #WickedWednesdays post. Here I am teaming up again with Fellow Brummy, Emma over at Brummymummyof2 such a wonderful lighthearted honest look at parenting, go check it out! Thanks for hosting Emma.

So here it is.

I call this one

The Child who will not wear shoes and socks EVER. Fact.

Would you like to play along with this linkie??? Pop to Emma’s blog. It is a great way to find some other fantastic blogs and link up with some wonderful people. Also this is a great linkie to know…us Mamas are really all going the same thing. Click the picture below for more information.

Did you see our previous link ups to #wickedwednesdays ?
Thanks for reading…See you next week?
Cherie x

3 thoughts on “#WickedWednesdays {04.11.2015}

    • Oh yea that’s a favourite here too, we just find odd socks in our car hahaha. We have lost many a socks on days out too. I think I am going to try rights with him as a last attempt.

      Thankfully he tooties seem to stay quite warm even in this weather without shoes and socks, maybe he gets too hot and that’s why he takes them off??? Who knows

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