My 50th post… A mini milestone

I’m sure that you are all aware I lost my blogging mojo. Well that isn’t strictly true. I never really lost it, I kind of suppressed it and tried to remould it. I recently said to a friend that I think in blog posts now instead of Facebook statuses. Wow, I sound like such a social media whore, hahaha. 

I have over 20 blog posts that I have started but haven’t finished. In all honesty I think, I got a little bit cocky… 6 months in and what I feel is some good content, I wanted to try something new (linked posts) and it never really worked. I guess we live and we learn. I feel like a dog coming home with its tail between its legs. 

I follow some really wonderful bloggers such as Brummy Mummy of 2  , Zombiie Mummy  , Suburban Mum , Reprobate Mum  and Battle Mum I  guess it’s to easy to see them a few years down the line, when they have lots of followers, great social media presence and fantastic content, but if you haven’t followed them from the start, then you don’t get to know the bumps they came across in the road. 

I was feeling really disheartened and was contemplating scrapping this blog completely. I felt a bit of a failure and thought I would have lost all my followers, but then something wonderful happened today. I can’t really say much, but it was enough to give me a kick up the backside and get me to realise, I have something special here and something unique and that’s what people do and will like and who knows where this blog will be in 1, 2 or even 3 years? 
So I am really pleased to say that my 50th post is NOT going to be announcing the end of Cherrysnotmyname but instead a mini rebirth. I am excited to say that I have my mojo back! That I am sticking to what I do best, writing from the heart about things that touch my heart. I would love it if you would come along and rejoin me on my journey. 

Here is to many more posts and interaction with some wonderful people. 
Thanks for reading

Cherie x

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


7 thoughts on “My 50th post… A mini milestone

  1. Hey – I did wonder it was a bit quiet. Sorry to hear that you thought about scrapping your blog. Please don’t feel disheartened – remember why you started blogging in the first place and try not to compare yourself to others (although I still struggle with that one myself!) I’m glad something wonderful happened and that we won’t be hearing the last of you!

    To be honest I am finding blogging a little overwhelming lately as I feel like I am sooooooooooo behind on blog posts and seem to spend too much of my time infront of either the computer or phone screen which I know is not good!!!

    *hugs* xxx

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    • Thank you so much for your kind supportive words. Blogging is so much more time consuming and emotionally consuming than I ever prepared myself for.

      I think what you said is key, to remember why I started. Which was to have a place that was all mine. Where I could write and I could help, encourage others that were on similar situations or felt similar to me.

      It is really hard to not compare myself and my blog to others (it’s kind of my thing, hahaha) but it gets us nowhere positive fast!

      I hope the feeling of being overwhelmed passes for you soon and things settle. Blog is a lovely source of inspiration and information. You too keep up the good work mama x


  2. So glad to hear your not scrapping your blog, every blogger has started from the bottom & worked there way to where they are now. You have such talent, never give up wonderful mama! 🙂 X p.s thank you for mentioning me

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    • Hannah I can not say how much your words mean to me. I think I have to remember that people like yourself have worked hard to get your blogs to where they are. You deserve a bloody big well done!!

      Thank you so much for saying I am talented. I guess it’s not really something you ever think about yourself, but moreso of others.

      I will keep trucking on and using you s one of my sources of inspiration. Hence the mention 😊

      Thanks again


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