A sign that worked 

this is a quick post just to say exactly two weeks and one day ago today, I decided to try using a sign to help me on my decluttering mission. 

I will set the scene for you. I’ve just got home from the morning nursery run and there in my porch are 2 leaflets for 2 different pizza places, by the time I leave to go and do the afternoon school run there is a leaflet for a Chinese takeaway. When I get back from the nursery run there is a leaflet for a local nail bar and some information regarding a local political party. Once the kids are in bed and I go to put out a bag of rubbish there is another leaflet for a local Indian takeaway and a leaflet advertising a local handyman and window cleaner. 

I get it, people need to advertise their business but I really do feel the amount we get on our street is excessive, it’s DAILY even in a Sunday and it is multiple times a day. I decided I would be one of those people and out a sign in my porch window. This is what it said: 


I hoped it didn’t come across as rude. I laminated it and put it up, not holding out much hope. To my surprise It has been over two whole weeks and I Am happy to say we have had NO junk mail. It’s one less thing for me to do. 

Do you have a sign? Does it work? Would you consider having a sign? Let me know. 
Thanks for reading

Cherie x

Cherrysnotmtname 🍒


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