Bravery and Breastfeeding

To Paraphrase the late Nelson Mandela 

Bravery is not the absence  of fear, But moreso making the decision to take action inspite of it. A Brave man is not a fearless man. 

I began thinking about this quote as I took the following picture


I took this photo thinking this would probably be my last time breastfeeding a one year old. You see tomorrow Darwin turns two! I thought about posting the picture and I got a little nervous, what would people think? What would people say? I know that a lot of people I speak to think I am a confident person. That I have posted quite a few pictures of me breastfeeding Darwin on my Instagram account, especially when he was younger check out the hashtag #poweredbybreastmilk. 

When people post pictures of things such as breastfeeding, you automatically assume they are confident in their decision to do so. I do anyway. However, from my own experience this may not be true. I have always doubted when posting, worrying about possible backlash and such. I understand that some people believe it is something that is personal and should not be shared. I agree it is personal, it’s a personal decision and I would never attack a person for their decision to breastfeed or not to breastfeed. But at the same time I remember what a lonely time it felt for me at time when breastfeeding my first son You can read about it here and how I wished I knew more people who did. That there was someone I could talk to etc. 

When I post my breastfeeding pictures it is not because I think I am better than those who do not breastfeed or that I want some sort of praise. It is for the Mothers who feel lonely, who are unsure, it is for those who in their gut know they want to continue, but have people whispering (sometimes shouting) that they should stop. It is a post to say, You are not alone. It is a post to say look how big my baby is. It is a post to say I followed my gut and here I am almost two years later. You too can follow your gut if you want too.

It got me thinking as I thought about all the women on my timelines, friends lists etc that might just want that encouragement. The woman that might have questions or want to know that there is someone out there going through the same as them. I get nervous to feed in public, especially as Darwin has got older. I get nervous to talk about it, to post about it, but I do. I remember the mamas that did  it when I was first breastfeeding and how it  made me feel more confident and I hope to make someone else feel like that too. 

So, No. I wouldn’t call myself brave, but by the definition in the quote at the top of this page. Because I get scared but I still do it maybe I am? 

Thanks for reading


{Cherrysnotmyname 🍒}


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