What does blogging mean to me?

I hope you noticed I have been inactive over the past few weeks. I took some time out and went on a family holiday to Tenerife. It was lovely and I am now ready to throw myself into my blogging, but first off.

Thank you, to Maria over at Suburban Mum for tagging me and asking me to write about what blogging means to me. It’s taken me a while to actually sit down and write this, so sorry for the delay. It is good to write after not blogging for two weeks, I’ve missed it. 

What does blogging mean to me?

Well, it’s funny as I am still pretty new to this blogging world, and already I love it. Although I am the first to admit I do not yet fully understand it, hehehe. 

I thought blogging was going to be something that was easy. 

It’s not. 

I guess I can start with telling you what blogging is not. It is not somewhere that I just write for the sake of writing. EVERY SINGLE post I have written has been something that I have a real passion about. I am not consistent in what or when I post, that is because at the moment my blog is purely run by my heart and not my head. I think this is both my biggest strength and biggest weakness. People have complimented me for my writing style and I believe that is because I mean every word I write. However, people are unaware of what my next post may be about or even when it may go live. I am working on finding a balance.

So. What is blogging?
Blogging gives me a voice, a platform. It gives me the opportunity to discuss things that otherwise may not come up in conversation. I get to talk about things that are quite personal. I have written about Zachary’s autism, growing up as a mixed raced teen, what it feels like to be a people pleaser and much more. 

Blogging gives me confidence. Confidence to speak about things that are difficult. It gives me confidence that people are interested in my thoughts and perspectives. Blogging has given me something to be passionate about. My blog is mine. It’s no one else’s and I like that. It can be scary as I often worry I will offend someone, but I never write maliciously. I love writing posts that I hope will encourage or challenge myself or someone who reads it. 

Blogging is also teaching me to appreciate my own uniqueness. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs and there are some truly amazing ones, such as Ned In The Clouds, The Triple Triangle and Zombiiee Mummy as well as many others. They each have something special about them. Whether it is the aesthetics, contents, writing style or how it is organised? What I am learning is that, even though I enjoy reading these blogs, they each have things that I admire, but I am learning not to compare my blog against them. The things that I love about those blogs may not be the strong points of my own blog BUT in trying to stay true to my own style I am forging my own identity as a blogger. 

Blogging is a great way to capture special moments is a different way that isn’t possible on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I love knowing that I have got my first ever post which was all about the day we received Zachary’s diagnosis. Maybe one day when he is older he will get a chance to read it? Blogging has also helped me to start really thinking about my life, it’s helping me to make decisions and changes. I wrote about wanting to be a vegetarian and all the reasons I wasn’t one, I haven’t eaten meat since writing that post, as when I read it back I realised I just needed to make that jump!

Blogging gives me freedom, it allows me to write as a Mother, a woman, a carer, someone of mixed heritage, I can write about my past, my future, the here and now. My fears, my aspirations, my expectations, my secrets, my health both physical and mental. It opens up streams of conversations in real life and fills me with pride when people tell me they like to read my blog posts. Blogging allows me to have a have a sense of identity within a community as vast as the sea. Blogging is nothing like I thought it would be. It is so much more than just a place to empty the contents of my head. It is allowing me to focus, to evaluate, to grow. 

Blogging is not just something I do, it is slowly becoming a part of who I am. 


I would love to ask the following bloggers to join in 

Claire at Ned In The Clouds

Rebecca at Poppy Bead

Jess at The Only Girl In The House

We would love to hear what blogging means for you. 
If you would like to see more of my musings you can find me on Instagram and Twitter

Thanks for reading 

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


One thought on “What does blogging mean to me?

  1. What a lovely post Cherie – its means something different to all of us but the one thing I’ve read that we all seem to have in common is the passion we have for writing! Thanks so much for joining in! Maria x

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