Sneak Peek: Ideas for where my blog is going


I want to say thank you to all the people who have supported me in my quest to become a blogger. I think I am officially one now. This started with me wanting to have some where to empty the contents of my head. I’ve done that and you guys have listened, some have even agreed with me, making me think either I am not crazy OR all of you are AS crazy as me… What a daunting thought. Either way, I love the support I am getting on social media, through both Facebook and Instagram as well as this blog. 

So, I thought I would share some ideas I have for this blog over the next few months. I am planning to do a series of related posts . There will be two main series and I will continue to do my random musings too. The two series are 

‘Self Development/Self Discovery’

This is a series of posts with regards to my journey of self discovery over the past 6 months. Since writing this blog I fee like I have learnt a lot about myself and it has been interesting and insightful. The posts have been in the process of being written since I started this blog and I hope to share them with you all soon. I hope that it may encourage some of you to go on your own journey of self discovery. 

‘My Life Overhaul’

This series is a direct result of the journey of discovery I have been on. I don’t want to give too much away but I will be focusing on improving the areas of my life that I find overwhelming. One key area will be organising my home. It’s something I have wanted to do for many years and have always failed at it. This time I will be putting some new strategies in place and hopefully will be able to share my journey from chaos to organised. I will also be looking at other areas such as my health and wellbeing and my appearance. 

I really hope you will join me on my journey. I hope that you will either be able to encourage me or to be inspired by me. I will begin these series after I return from my holiday. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Thanks for reading

Mynamesnotcherry 🍒


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