Our Favourite Five [July]

This month I am joining some fellow bloggers who participate in Surburban Mum ‘s link up Our Favourite Five I found out about this last month when my fellow Mummy blogger Mrssavageangel participated. I highly recommend popping over and checking out their blogs and if you like what you see, subscribe.

The Idea is that you pick out the Top Five Things that either you or all your family have enjoyed that month. It’s  a great way to remember the good things about the month and who knows you may even inspire or be inspired. Here are our TOP 5


Number One: THE PARK

When it’s the summer holidays and you have three boys to keep happy it can quickly get expensive. When it’s been raining and you’ve  been stuck in the house, sometimes you just have to get out. We love the park, it’s Freeee! The kids get fresh air and a run round. Win. Win. Win.

Oliver (7) normally ends up making friends, Zachary (3.5) just loves the freedom and Darwin (1.5) loves to climb. We like to keep it fresh by going to different parks with different people. Sometimes we will have ice cream, sometimes we will take a ball and other times snacks for a mini picnic. We are certainly making the most of the park whilst it is still summer.

Number Two: SWIMMING

Swimming has normally been something I haven’t been confident enough to do with the boys on my own and pool rules state I can’t as you can only have two under eight. I have three. This month has provided a few opportunities when I have only two of the boys to go swimming and Oh My! They are all well and truly water babies.

Oliver has been having swimming lessons for 12 months+ and is pretty confident in the water. Zachary has absolutely no fear and once he has his arm bands on there is no stopping him. Darwin loves to splash (no surprises there). It’s a lovely activity that allows for some Mummy and son time and it gives us all a bit of exercise and wears the boys out. As Oliver has a leisure card and Zachary and Darwin are free as they are under four, I get a discount as Zachary’s carer it is a grand total of £3.15 per swim session. Not bad at all.

Zachary was so excited this is how he went to swimming even though it was raining.


Number Three: Prepping for Tenerife 

This has been pretty exciting for me. We have been buying things to make sure we have everything we need from sun screen to shoes <see image above, Darwin’s new lightweight shoes from Clark’s a bargain at £20> I have loved buying the kids clothes from both the High street and smaller online businesses. Hubby has spent a small fortune in H&M their clothes are reasonably priced and practical, we love the leggings in the girls section for Darwin. The only problem is I have let the boys wear most of the pieces over here already, however I guess that just means we are getting more bang for our buck.

I have also bought Zachary an ICE ID bracelet, he has autism and can’t always communicate effectively. God forbid should he get lost this would help minimise any danger. I have also bought a second pair of reins and we have about 9 different hats between all three boys. I want to make sure they are protected and safe in the sun at all times. This is only my second time abroad (My first time was also to Tenerife five years ago for my honeymoon). This is our first family holiday abroad and i am very excited as  my Mum, Mother-in-law, Brother and Sister-in-law are all coming too. It’s going to be a real family affair.


Number Four: PEPPA PIG

Peppa pig currently dominates our screens and therefore our lives. Both Zachary and Darwin adore Peppa pig and when my niece came to stay we found out she too adores Peppa pig (seriously, what are her magical addictive powers?). She played with the Peppa pig toys and she sat quietly acting out stories,

Oh, so they are meant to be played with, not smashed and thrown and broken into pieces

-Sean aka Dad

That was Sean’s reaction to seeing the toys being played with appropriately. Peppa has managed to take over in the popularity stakes pushing Thomas and friends into second place, this was no easy feat.

I myself am not particularly keen on Peppa pig, particularly the portrayal of Daddy pig. Who is an Overweight, greedy, incompetent, bumbling male character. This does not sit well with me, but I guess that is my inner feminist** coming out, but that is a discussion for another blog post.


[ ** I believe/ interpret feminism to mean equality and therefore it not about empowering women whilst emasculating men. just a though]


Number Five: NATURE

This month, I have particularly liked nosing at people’s gardens. I am in no way green fingered, but I love flowers and plants, although purely for their aestheics. I do not know much about them at all. this month I have taken lots of pictures of flowers, the colours are so striking and the shapes and sizes of the petals are very interesting. the boys and I have been pointing out the different colours we can see and if they are big or small. Zachary has started observing more and communicating what he can see “Owl’ it was a seagull, “white” it was a cloud and “spider” it was an ant, we don’t mind he labelled them wrong we are just glad he is sharing what he sees. Darwin has also learnt to say ‘fower’ too. We think nature is pretty cool and we love going on bug hunts and nature walks. Its great because you can do it all year round.

Zachary and I had a trip to Weston Supermare, if you would like to have a look at what we did, please check out our Stellar Story we also made one about a nature walk we went on, please feel free to look at that one also Look Mummy.

So, what have you enjoyed this month? Do you want to play along next month? I hope so

Thanks for reading



4 thoughts on “Our Favourite Five [July]

  1. Parks are one of our favourite haunts – especially in the summer! Swimming with more than one child – how do you do it? I struggle with taking one! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you back again next month. #OurFaveFive

    Liked by 1 person

    • @suburban mum thank you for the opportunity to take part. I can’t wait to do this months one (we are holidaying for almost 2 weeks of it) so I am sure that will feature heavily. Parks are great fun, how do I manage with three? Well let’s say it’s never really a relaxing experience for me 😂


  2. These are all super! I can’t believe how well the boys are doing. The swimming practice will pay off in Tenerife. I hope you have an amazing time! We’re too scared to take Oscar abroad yet. Maybe next year! #OurFavouriteFive

    Liked by 1 person

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