The Kids Quiz


 I had seen this quiz on Facebook and decided to share the answers that I got from Oliver (7y8m) and Zachary (4y9m).

The Set Up

Without any prompting, asking your children these questions and write down exactly what they say. It is a great way to find out what they think.

Q1) What is something Mum always say to you?

O – Say Thank you

Z- Shopping. ice cream. Tasty. Bin

Q2) What makes you happy?

O – When I get to lie down with my Mummy and give her a big hug

Z – I na know

Q3) How does Mum make you laugh?

O – When she says seriously silly things

Z – *No answer given*

Q4) What makes Mum sad?

O – When someone dies

Z – Happy

Q5) What was mummy like as a child?

O – Ummm, she was very good at literacy and she was very kind. I remember you were a teenager and you left the door open and Aunty Sabrina came with you and got ran over. **

Z – Shops

Q6) How old is Mum?

O – 30

Z – No *starts laughing* 

Q7) How tall is Mum?

0 – Ummmm, I would say at least 50 cms

Z – My socks

Q8) What is Mum’s favourite thing to do?

O – To sit down and cuddle me

Z- go to the shop. Eat. Back in the box. Darwin

Q9) What does Mum do when you are not around?

O – Watch TV

Z – Shop

Q10) What is your Mum really good at?

O – Literacy

Z – Uh

Q11) What is your Mum really NOT good at?

O – Maths, she is absolutely terrible at maths even I am better than ou and I am only seven. *hystericsl laughter*

Z – Owwwwwwwww

Q12) What does your Mum do for a job?

O – Look after Zachary and Darwin

Z – Catch the throw

Q13) What is your Mum’s favourite food?

O – Is it prawns? But now you don’t eat meat or fish, sooo Veggie burgers?

Z – NO! *shakes head*

Q14) What makes you proud of Mum?

O – When I get good attendance and when I am kind.

Z – Blue Mum, Pink Mum

Q15) What do you and Mum do together?

O – Watch movies, read books, sometimes we have a date and go out together to do something fun.

Z – Together walk

Q16) How are you and Mum the same?

O – Because we are mixed raced and kind

Z – Party

Q17) How are you and Mum not the same?

O – I play the Playstation 4, you don’t

Z – Bridge

Q18) How do you know that Mum loves you?

O – Because you always give me hugs and kisses and you tell me

Z – Choo Choo

Q19) What does Mum like most about Dad?

O – That he is loving

Z – Sleep. Daddy sleep. A toilet

Q20) Where is Mum’s favourite place to go?

O – A restaurant like Nandos or something

Z – Playground house my

Q21) How old was Mummy when she had you?

O – Twenty something

Z – Ice cream, I Playground 

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed this and thought some of the answers were pretty funny. ** I would just like to explain, that Oliver hasn’t give the the whole story about when my younger sister got ran over. There are a few things I would like to clarify. First I was not a teenager, I was not responsible for her. She stood on her toy truck and unlocked the front door and followed me, she came out into the road from between 2 cars on her toy truck and was unfortunately hit by..Get this…Meals on wheels….I am not making this up.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to speak very briefly about speech and language. I have a very limited understanding, But I thought this quiz showed excellently how a child can have the ability to speak yet have delayed understanding and communication skills. Zachary’s vocabulary is constantly expanding yet he is often unable to understand questions, or follow lines of conversations etc. Zachary also struggles to change his line of thought, so prior to this quiz we had spoken about walking to the shops to get apples, eggs and ice cream and I said after we would go to the park (or as Zachary calls it the playground), You will notice that those words feature a lot in his answers and that is because he is not actually answering the questions, but repeating something which had been said to him earlier or stating what he wants to do. I used to get upset when he would do this, however now I am that he is responding and engaging, even if it isn’t at he level we wold expect. We celebrate every development. I hope this might help people to understand that there is more to speech and language than just being able to speak, I know i never really understood this before we began on this journey with Zachary.

Thanks for reading



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