Iceid: Kids ID bracelet review

PLEASE NOTE: All opinions in this post are those of myself only and intended to give an honest description of the product and the experience of using said product. All images are either mine or are screenshots from the companies website. I therefore do not own all of the images contained within this post.

My Previous post explains why I felt I needed to order one of these items, however there are many reasons that I feel people may wish to purchase this or other items from this site these include but are not limited to

  • Identifying children in large groups
  • Adults/children with allergies
  • Adults/children with medical conditions
  • Adults/children with limited/no speech
  • Adults/children who are considered flight risks
  • Adults/children with conditions such as Autism or ADHD
  • Long distance runners and other athletes


I ordered my product using my iPhone6. I used the website which is a very mobile friendly site. I located the site via a google search. When the website loads you can see the simple yet bold logo


There is a menu which shows all the sub menus and in turn the different categories you can search in.  There is an option to see all products as well as the current top sellers.

Once you  have selected  the category (I chose Kids) you are then taken to a screen which shows you different products which fit within that specific category. here you will see images, with a small description below including the price and also a star rating and the option to check a tick box to enable to compare product specifications, if you are having difficulties choosing between multiply products.

Once you have selected the item you wish to purchase you are taken to a screen where you can input your specific data.

You can input whatever information you would like like over 6 lines with each line being able to hold 22 characters. This process is extremely simple.

Once you have decided on the information you want to input you go through to the payment section. This is also very simple to use.


Date ordered: Tuesday 21st July 2015

Date received:  Saturday 25th July 2015

Price: £18.00

Discount applied: N/A

Postage: £2.00 Standard delivery

I opted for the standard delivery via Royal Mail, there is a second option for a faster delivery which costs £4.00.


Items received

  • 1 black rubber bracelet
  •  1 silver panel with your details on it
  • 1 business card
  • 1 mini postcard
  • 1 sticker

All of these were received in a small transparent sealable bag, which was then sealed safely in a polyethene envelope (please see the pictures above). On the back of the envelope was a  sticker, which gave me some very important information.

The bracelet is made of a durable plastic that is also water proof. Perfect for my little boy who likes to bite and mouth objects. It has a small amount of give and has button holes along the whole length which means you can adjust it accordingly. The metal panel can be moved along the length of the band allowing you to place it where best suited.

The font is clear and precise. All details where printed as I requested. It is inconspicuous enough that people will not notice it unless looking for something in an emergency. However there are options for in pink or blue which would be more noticeable. I was able to get this onto my son easily and it was easy to remove too. The adjustability meant I was able to keep adjusting it until we got it to the perfect fit for Zachary’s small wrists. Zachary is able to remove this himself which in all honesty is not idea, however I can order a different type of band that has a different fastening (maybe like one on a watch) and I can just transfer the panel over.



This product is fantastic value for money, it allows you to add the information that you require and you are not limited by predefined headings.

The price of this item is very reasonable, especially when compared to other items available.

The postage and presentation is fast and secure.

The product is great quality and the website is easily navigated.

The website has many other features such as a frequently asked questions section, which does answer a lot of questions and also confirms the panel is covered and should it become worn you can get it replaced for FREE.

– Cherie Author of Cherrysnotmyname

Overall I would rate this product
5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I would certainly recommend this product and this site to family and friends.

Please feel free to share this review to people via social media. Any comments on this post would be gratefully received.

Thanks for reading

Mynamesnotcherry 🍒


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