Our Favourite Five [July]

This month I am joining some fellow bloggers who participate in Surburban Mum ‘s link up Our Favourite Five I found out about this last month when my fellow Mummy blogger Mrssavageangel participated. I highly recommend popping over and checking out their blogs and if you like what you see, subscribe.

The Idea is that you pick out the Top Five Things that either you or all your family have enjoyed that month. It’s  a great way to remember the good things about the month and who knows you may even inspire or be inspired. Here are our TOP 5


Number One: THE PARK

When it’s the summer holidays and you have three boys to keep happy it can quickly get expensive. When it’s been raining and you’ve  been stuck in the house, sometimes you just have to get out. We love the park, it’s Freeee! The kids get fresh air and a run round. Win. Win. Win.

Oliver (7) normally ends up making friends, Zachary (3.5) just loves the freedom and Darwin (1.5) loves to climb. We like to keep it fresh by going to different parks with different people. Sometimes we will have ice cream, sometimes we will take a ball and other times snacks for a mini picnic. We are certainly making the most of the park whilst it is still summer.

Number Two: SWIMMING

Swimming has normally been something I haven’t been confident enough to do with the boys on my own and pool rules state I can’t as you can only have two under eight. I have three. This month has provided a few opportunities when I have only two of the boys to go swimming and Oh My! They are all well and truly water babies.

Oliver has been having swimming lessons for 12 months+ and is pretty confident in the water. Zachary has absolutely no fear and once he has his arm bands on there is no stopping him. Darwin loves to splash (no surprises there). It’s a lovely activity that allows for some Mummy and son time and it gives us all a bit of exercise and wears the boys out. As Oliver has a leisure card and Zachary and Darwin are free as they are under four, I get a discount as Zachary’s carer it is a grand total of £3.15 per swim session. Not bad at all.

Zachary was so excited this is how he went to swimming even though it was raining.


Number Three: Prepping for Tenerife 

This has been pretty exciting for me. We have been buying things to make sure we have everything we need from sun screen to shoes <see image above, Darwin’s new lightweight shoes from Clark’s a bargain at £20> I have loved buying the kids clothes from both the High street and smaller online businesses. Hubby has spent a small fortune in H&M their clothes are reasonably priced and practical, we love the leggings in the girls section for Darwin. The only problem is I have let the boys wear most of the pieces over here already, however I guess that just means we are getting more bang for our buck.

I have also bought Zachary an ICE ID bracelet, he has autism and can’t always communicate effectively. God forbid should he get lost this would help minimise any danger. I have also bought a second pair of reins and we have about 9 different hats between all three boys. I want to make sure they are protected and safe in the sun at all times. This is only my second time abroad (My first time was also to Tenerife five years ago for my honeymoon). This is our first family holiday abroad and i am very excited as  my Mum, Mother-in-law, Brother and Sister-in-law are all coming too. It’s going to be a real family affair.


Number Four: PEPPA PIG

Peppa pig currently dominates our screens and therefore our lives. Both Zachary and Darwin adore Peppa pig and when my niece came to stay we found out she too adores Peppa pig (seriously, what are her magical addictive powers?). She played with the Peppa pig toys and she sat quietly acting out stories,

Oh, so they are meant to be played with, not smashed and thrown and broken into pieces

-Sean aka Dad

That was Sean’s reaction to seeing the toys being played with appropriately. Peppa has managed to take over in the popularity stakes pushing Thomas and friends into second place, this was no easy feat.

I myself am not particularly keen on Peppa pig, particularly the portrayal of Daddy pig. Who is an Overweight, greedy, incompetent, bumbling male character. This does not sit well with me, but I guess that is my inner feminist** coming out, but that is a discussion for another blog post.


[ ** I believe/ interpret feminism to mean equality and therefore it not about empowering women whilst emasculating men. just a though]


Number Five: NATURE

This month, I have particularly liked nosing at people’s gardens. I am in no way green fingered, but I love flowers and plants, although purely for their aestheics. I do not know much about them at all. this month I have taken lots of pictures of flowers, the colours are so striking and the shapes and sizes of the petals are very interesting. the boys and I have been pointing out the different colours we can see and if they are big or small. Zachary has started observing more and communicating what he can see “Owl’ it was a seagull, “white” it was a cloud and “spider” it was an ant, we don’t mind he labelled them wrong we are just glad he is sharing what he sees. Darwin has also learnt to say ‘fower’ too. We think nature is pretty cool and we love going on bug hunts and nature walks. Its great because you can do it all year round.

Zachary and I had a trip to Weston Supermare, if you would like to have a look at what we did, please check out our Stellar Story we also made one about a nature walk we went on, please feel free to look at that one also Look Mummy.

So, what have you enjoyed this month? Do you want to play along next month? I hope so

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The Kids Quiz


 I had seen this quiz on Facebook and decided to share the answers that I got from Oliver (7y8m) and Zachary (4y9m).

The Set Up

Without any prompting, asking your children these questions and write down exactly what they say. It is a great way to find out what they think.

Q1) What is something Mum always say to you?

O – Say Thank you

Z- Shopping. ice cream. Tasty. Bin

Q2) What makes you happy?

O – When I get to lie down with my Mummy and give her a big hug

Z – I na know

Q3) How does Mum make you laugh?

O – When she says seriously silly things

Z – *No answer given*

Q4) What makes Mum sad?

O – When someone dies

Z – Happy

Q5) What was mummy like as a child?

O – Ummm, she was very good at literacy and she was very kind. I remember you were a teenager and you left the door open and Aunty Sabrina came with you and got ran over. **

Z – Shops

Q6) How old is Mum?

O – 30

Z – No *starts laughing* 

Q7) How tall is Mum?

0 – Ummmm, I would say at least 50 cms

Z – My socks

Q8) What is Mum’s favourite thing to do?

O – To sit down and cuddle me

Z- go to the shop. Eat. Back in the box. Darwin

Q9) What does Mum do when you are not around?

O – Watch TV

Z – Shop

Q10) What is your Mum really good at?

O – Literacy

Z – Uh

Q11) What is your Mum really NOT good at?

O – Maths, she is absolutely terrible at maths even I am better than ou and I am only seven. *hystericsl laughter*

Z – Owwwwwwwww

Q12) What does your Mum do for a job?

O – Look after Zachary and Darwin

Z – Catch the throw

Q13) What is your Mum’s favourite food?

O – Is it prawns? But now you don’t eat meat or fish, sooo Veggie burgers?

Z – NO! *shakes head*

Q14) What makes you proud of Mum?

O – When I get good attendance and when I am kind.

Z – Blue Mum, Pink Mum

Q15) What do you and Mum do together?

O – Watch movies, read books, sometimes we have a date and go out together to do something fun.

Z – Together walk

Q16) How are you and Mum the same?

O – Because we are mixed raced and kind

Z – Party

Q17) How are you and Mum not the same?

O – I play the Playstation 4, you don’t

Z – Bridge

Q18) How do you know that Mum loves you?

O – Because you always give me hugs and kisses and you tell me

Z – Choo Choo

Q19) What does Mum like most about Dad?

O – That he is loving

Z – Sleep. Daddy sleep. A toilet

Q20) Where is Mum’s favourite place to go?

O – A restaurant like Nandos or something

Z – Playground house my

Q21) How old was Mummy when she had you?

O – Twenty something

Z – Ice cream, I Playground 

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed this and thought some of the answers were pretty funny. ** I would just like to explain, that Oliver hasn’t give the the whole story about when my younger sister got ran over. There are a few things I would like to clarify. First I was not a teenager, I was not responsible for her. She stood on her toy truck and unlocked the front door and followed me, she came out into the road from between 2 cars on her toy truck and was unfortunately hit by..Get this…Meals on wheels….I am not making this up.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to speak very briefly about speech and language. I have a very limited understanding, But I thought this quiz showed excellently how a child can have the ability to speak yet have delayed understanding and communication skills. Zachary’s vocabulary is constantly expanding yet he is often unable to understand questions, or follow lines of conversations etc. Zachary also struggles to change his line of thought, so prior to this quiz we had spoken about walking to the shops to get apples, eggs and ice cream and I said after we would go to the park (or as Zachary calls it the playground), You will notice that those words feature a lot in his answers and that is because he is not actually answering the questions, but repeating something which had been said to him earlier or stating what he wants to do. I used to get upset when he would do this, however now I am that he is responding and engaging, even if it isn’t at he level we wold expect. We celebrate every development. I hope this might help people to understand that there is more to speech and language than just being able to speak, I know i never really understood this before we began on this journey with Zachary.

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Iceid: Kids ID bracelet review

PLEASE NOTE: All opinions in this post are those of myself only and intended to give an honest description of the product and the experience of using said product. All images are either mine or are screenshots from the companies website. I therefore do not own all of the images contained within this post.

My Previous post explains why I felt I needed to order one of these items, however there are many reasons that I feel people may wish to purchase this or other items from this site these include but are not limited to

  • Identifying children in large groups
  • Adults/children with allergies
  • Adults/children with medical conditions
  • Adults/children with limited/no speech
  • Adults/children who are considered flight risks
  • Adults/children with conditions such as Autism or ADHD
  • Long distance runners and other athletes


I ordered my product using my iPhone6. I used the website iceidco.uk which is a very mobile friendly site. I located the site via a google search. When the website loads you can see the simple yet bold logo


There is a menu which shows all the sub menus and in turn the different categories you can search in.  There is an option to see all products as well as the current top sellers.

Once you  have selected  the category (I chose Kids) you are then taken to a screen which shows you different products which fit within that specific category. here you will see images, with a small description below including the price and also a star rating and the option to check a tick box to enable to compare product specifications, if you are having difficulties choosing between multiply products.

Once you have selected the item you wish to purchase you are taken to a screen where you can input your specific data.

You can input whatever information you would like like over 6 lines with each line being able to hold 22 characters. This process is extremely simple.

Once you have decided on the information you want to input you go through to the payment section. This is also very simple to use.


Date ordered: Tuesday 21st July 2015

Date received:  Saturday 25th July 2015

Price: £18.00

Discount applied: N/A

Postage: £2.00 Standard delivery

I opted for the standard delivery via Royal Mail, there is a second option for a faster delivery which costs £4.00.


Items received

  • 1 black rubber bracelet
  •  1 silver panel with your details on it
  • 1 business card
  • 1 mini postcard
  • 1 sticker

All of these were received in a small transparent sealable bag, which was then sealed safely in a polyethene envelope (please see the pictures above). On the back of the envelope was a  sticker, which gave me some very important information.

The bracelet is made of a durable plastic that is also water proof. Perfect for my little boy who likes to bite and mouth objects. It has a small amount of give and has button holes along the whole length which means you can adjust it accordingly. The metal panel can be moved along the length of the band allowing you to place it where best suited.

The font is clear and precise. All details where printed as I requested. It is inconspicuous enough that people will not notice it unless looking for something in an emergency. However there are options for in pink or blue which would be more noticeable. I was able to get this onto my son easily and it was easy to remove too. The adjustability meant I was able to keep adjusting it until we got it to the perfect fit for Zachary’s small wrists. Zachary is able to remove this himself which in all honesty is not idea, however I can order a different type of band that has a different fastening (maybe like one on a watch) and I can just transfer the panel over.



This product is fantastic value for money, it allows you to add the information that you require and you are not limited by predefined headings.

The price of this item is very reasonable, especially when compared to other items available.

The postage and presentation is fast and secure.

The product is great quality and the website is easily navigated.

The website has many other features such as a frequently asked questions section, which does answer a lot of questions and also confirms the panel is covered and should it become worn you can get it replaced for FREE.

– Cherie Author of Cherrysnotmyname

Overall I would rate this product
5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I would certainly recommend this product and this site to family and friends.

Please feel free to share this review to people via social media. Any comments on this post would be gratefully received.

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The fear that he may run

 Recently Zachary has become more prone to running. When I say running I mean running off/wandering. They have been small incidents and no harm has come to Zachary, thankfully. It means I have had to start using his reigns again. This gives me both an element of control and also a sense of safety, which means it is automatically a more relaxed and enjoyable trip for us all.

The incident

Last week we were at a local park meeting friends, when one second Zachary was behind me, just out of my eye line, then suddenly he wasn’t. I skimmed the park that was full of children and it must have been 10 seconds before I asked out loud “Where’s Zachary?”. Another 10 seconds must have passed before my husband saw he had climbed over the footstep and got over the fence. He was running away from us, alongside the stream. My husband had jumped the wall and was pelting after him, before I could even suggest that is what he should do.

When I was talking to my friend, I mentioned that it is a very autistic trait to run/wander off. Previously it wasn’t really a cause for concern. However, lately it was a little more worrying. We spoke about how it was quite common at this age 3y 9m to do this, but it didn’t sit well with me. I never worried (well not like this) when my older son was this age. It was only after a conversation on one of the Autism support groups, that I realised my issue was that Zachary, God forbid, should he ever get lost/run away. Couldn’t answer simple questions like:

  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your Mum’s name?
  • What is your Dad’s name?
  • Where are your Mum and Dad?
  • Are you lost?
  • Are you OK?
  • Where have you come from?
  • Where are you going?

Which meant if he got lost, it would make it even harder for someone to try and help him get found. Then I realised we are going on holiday to a foreign country and this was a hidden anxiety of mine. After a quick google I found a company called Iceid I purchased one of their products and my next blog post is a review of the product. I would love for you to check it out.
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 Breastfeeding :Part One: Oliver’s Story

Breast feeding • This is a topic I haven’t really written about before and only really have one friend who I openly talk to about it anymore. I have had three very different journeys with breastfeeding. I am going to write about each of my experiences in 3 separate posts. I will publish one each week for the next three weeks. I recommend reading them all as they are really different stories and show the realities of breastfeeding  and the changes in myself in both knowledge and confidence over the past 7 years. 


Oliver the evening after he was born, 6lfb 5oz
  I was 23 when I became pregnant, we had been trying for 13 months after me having had a 5cm ovarian cyst which had ruptured. We had been told that they never knew what damage had been done, but there was quite a lot of scarring and I may find it difficult to conceive. I had an appointment with fertility specialist booked for the Friday, but the Monday before I found out I was pregnant. After trying for this baby for so long, I went out and bought all the things the baby magazines said,  everything except bottles. I knew that I wanted to breast feed, so obviously there was no need for bottles, I had my boobies and what great boobies they were back then (not so much now, hahaha).


This was taken not long after I had met him
 Oliver was born by emergency c section. I mean the kind where your partner is sat outside the operating theatre wearing scrubs, whilst the red emergency light flashes and numerous amount of very important looking members of staff go rushing in to the room where your future wife-to-be and first child are.  O was given various drugs and eventually put to sleep as I didn’t know at the time but Oliver’s had stopped breathing and his heart stopped. We were so highly medicated when he was first born that he was unable latch, he didn’t cry for 2 days and took just as long to stretch his legs out. I remember being in the hospital and having to set an alarm on my phone for every 3 hours so I could wake him, to feed him. Because he was unable to latch and I had to express onto my breast and collect 2oz in a syringe and feed it to him (I still have that syringe!) It was hard work, I was exhausted, Sean had been sent home and Oliver was in the cot next to me. I had limited movement due to just having had a c section. Every time I had to feed Oliver I had to call a nurse to lift out of and put him back into the crib. 

After a few days and the medication had worn off he was suckling like a pro. Breastfeeding poses lots of challenges that you may not always be prepared for, such as how will you feel when you are getting peered at when feeding your baby in a cafe (with a blanket covering both baby and boob I might add). This really affected me and I do remember my first few times always trying to find somewhere really discreet to feed, however it was when I found myself sat on a public toilet in a well known shopping centre, actually contemplating feeding my baby on the toilet, that I knew I had to grow a pair! It was after this incident that I decided I would feed my baby when and wherever he needed it. I ended up feeding on buses, trains, in restaurants, pubs and even in the middle of said huge shopping centre. It took me a while to realise that the world didn’t revolve around me and my boobs and most people didn’t even notice!

One thing I did find hard and was not prepared for was he decided he would suckle for literally over an hour and drain both boobies! It’s tiring and I always had to make sure I had access to a snack and a drink when I was feeding as sometimes it was quite draining. 


Always have a snack handy, it’s hungry work breastfeeding and you don’t want to eat your baby
He quickly got more efficient with feeding and the time per feed dropped drastically. Then when Oliver was 6 weeks he suddenly changed, he stopped feeding properly and hel wasn’t pooing properly, he was prescribed laxatives, little jelly type bullets you have to pop up their teeny tiny bottoms. These didn’t really work and it got to the stage he wasn’t emptying his bowels for 10-14 days at a time, my poor boy was in agony. After initially being told he had colic (yeah right), he was at the stage when he would scream every night from 10pm till 5am, constantly….it was pure torture, he would not feed during this time not even for comfort, this went on for 6 weeks before my GP admitted this was not normal and not colic as previously insisted and referred me to the hospital.

After a few tests and about a week it came back that Oliver was lactose intolerant (apparently they can just develop this).
So long story short, he was prescribed some medication, and I avoided dairy, we did this for about 2-3 months and then suddenly he was not lactose intolerant any more, very strange! It was around this time I was admitted to hospital another ruptured cyst and because of the medication I was on I was unable to breast feed. I pumped like a mad woman using the hospitals industrial machine, but within a week I was unable to soley feed him myself. I had made it 6 months months feeding my gorgeous boy by myself, yet I was devastated, I think it was because I did not choose to give up. I cried and cried and cried some more, my saving grace was I was able to give him his feed before bed. 

After a month my milk had completely dried up. All my health professionals said that 6 months was the recommended amount of time to breastfeed for and no one encouraged me to try and go longer. I know that what I have said makes it sound like breast feeding was a chore, but it really wasn’t and even if it was, it was so worth it. I LOVED Breastfeeding, the way it made me feel, so empowered and yet needed. I would get a rush of love every time I felt my milk let down, I loved the fact it was mine and Oliver’s special time, where we could snuggle and chill out together and I could do it anywhere. My favourite thing to do was lay in bed naked from the tummy up and have him naked too and share skin to skin time with him…bliss.


he was so tiny, he had some serious growing to do

 Because of Oliver’s problems with opening his bowels before his diagnosis, we were told to wean him, so there was something solid to ‘push’ the poop out. So by 6 months he was having 3 square meals a day and some more. He had a big appetite, we had to put him onto formula as he wasn’t old enough to go onto cows milk and our first big shock came then we had to go and buy the things that come with bottle feeding, bottles, teats, steriliser and formula… wow it was expensive. We got it all and luckily we had no problems with him transitioning from breast to bottle. He continued to have formula and be weaned and he continued to flourish and develop. 


just after we had weened off the breast. such a handsome boy
During the 6/7 months that I breastfed Oliver I never really had any support, by 6 months I was already being told by both health professionals and friends and family that I had fed Oliver for long enough. I had never even heard of the World Health Organisation and no idea what actual guidelines were. During my 6 months I was advised to

  • Wean on solids early
  • To give a dummy
  • To give water
  • To wake a sleeping child
  • To supplement with formula

I will admit as a new Mum it was hard knowing what to do. I tried to follow my natural instincts as much as I could and although as I came across as confident it was hard to stick to what I wanted to do. During my breastfeeding journey with Oliver there were no

  • Lactation specialists
  • Breastfeeding support groups
  • No on line support groups
  • Interactions with friend who were breastfeeding

This meant it could sometimes be a lonely journey. I was lucky as there was no issues with sleep, tongue tie or nipple confusion and I believe this gave me a solid basis for my other two breastfeeding journeys. 

Look at my boy now


Oliver aged seven
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