My inaction speaks louder than my voice ever could

I have never liked conflict. 

Ever since I was a child. Sometimes even a pleasant debate causes my stomach to knot, my heart to race and my mind to skip right to the flight part, forgetting the option to fight. 

I’ve always thought this was a positive thing. I am the person that likes to smooth things over. To cause the waters to calm once again. Recently though, I have realised it is not and that I am not a peace maker. 

I am a coward. 

Now, I know that sounds harsh, but I am the person who always tries to see it from the other point of view, unless it’s my husbands point of view – he is ALWAYS wrong… Hahaha. 

Let’s take the recent UK election. I never told anyone other than my immediate family who I was voting for. My reasoning was I didn’t want to influence anyone. In reality the truth was, I didn’t want to have to explain myself, I didn’t want to debate it. 

I was open about my views on voting, everyone who could,should. I posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter about it. Urging people to vote. What people wouldn’t know is how difficult I found it to post that. I was so worried, people might get angry, people might think I was acting all high and mighty. 

Who was I to tell people they should vote. I have a very basic understanding of Politics. I haven’t always voted in the past. I was a hypocrite. I decided just to do it, like when you take a deep breath and jump into the deep end of the swimming pool. Fuck it. 

After the votes were counted and the winning party officially elected I thought well that is that. I did my job! Then I saw an Article which said that if you voted and you didn’t want the Conservstives to be in power and did nothing for the next five years, then you may as well not have voted. 

It gave ideas as to how you could try and help support your local community to close the gaps which inevitably will be created by certain policies which will soon be introduced. These ideas included but we’re not limited to

  • Support your local food banks: Whether this be by adding a few extra pieces to your weekly/monthly shop and dropping them into the food bank boxes now found at most supermarkets, or going directly to your local food bank, you could even offer your time to help maintain the food bank.
  • Support local vulnerable people: Find out how you can support your local Women’s, Men’s and Children’s homeless centres and Women’s refuges. Find a local befriending service for the elderly and vunerable in the community.  Find an outreach project who feed the homeless, donate food and/or help with distribution. 
    • Use the NHS wisely: Learn what services are available and use the appropriate one. Do not mis-use services such as free contraception and the NHS minor aliment scheme. 
    • Participate: If there are local rally’s or peaceful protests against things that you want to support. Join. Be counted. Sign petitions, write letters. 

    These are a few of the ideas (I have added a few bits in that I have thought of too) that you can do to continue to make a difference over the next 5 years. So far I haven’t done any of these things. I want to. I will. But when? I keep thinking let me get my life on an even keel and and then I can begin. 

    This brings me onto another subject Animal Crueltly. Obviously, I am against animal Crueltly. Dog fighting, beating and starving animals, fox hunting, badger culling are all things that I have been 100% opposed to. As I said I am against Animal Crueltly Recently unless it seems there is some form of benefit to me.

    I have seen a lot of videos online with regards to Animal Crueltly, not by people who clearly should not be able to have pets, but by huge corporations. Animal testing, Circuses and the Meat trade. These are all things that I generally don’t think about when thinking of Animal Crueltly and that is because  it is hidden. 

    Lately however, when I have been eating chicken, I have been imagining what that chicken went through for me to be able to eat it. It doesn’t sit well on my stomach. Thinking of cows who are forcibly impregnanted to keep them in a constant state of lactation so I can have milk in my tea, ice cream or even cheese. It does make my stomach turn a little and it’s not always because I am lactose sensitive. So the easy option is stop. Stop eating meat. Stop using animal products etc. so why don’t I. There are four main reasons.

    One: I hate to think that people think I am better than them.  

    Two: A lack of a true conviction, I don’t like it when I think about it. So, I don’t think about it. I really hope that one day. I am able to choose a side. Either, where I eat meat and can say I am happy to support the meat industry OR where I say, I am not happy to support an industry quite so barbaric. 

    Three: Laziness, as with most things in my life. The effort required to go vegetarian or Vegan, just seems too overwhelming. I have been vegetarian in the past, however they have been for vanity reasons and not ethical. Again one day I hope to have the balls to actually do something. Maybe one step at a time… Cutting out cows milk and red meat? 

    Four: A lack of understanding, animal testing, does not come into my train of thought. I by products because they are cheap, useful and needed. I NEVER look at labels to see if my shampoo or toothpaste has been tested on animals… Why? Because ignorance is bliss.

    I saw this video from PETA, Indiaz it is a street theatre piece where a woman is treated like an animal who is being tested on. It is shocking, but. Worth a watch if you have time.  Women ‘experimented’ on like an animal (street theatre) this is not for the fainted hearted. Seeing this video made me realise ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance. 

    Me and my family are taking our first trip abroad later this year and when planning some activities it was suggested we go to a water park. Yay, who doesn’t love epic water slides. There were screams of excitement when it was realised that there were Orcas there as well as many other animals. For me even though I would LOVE to see an Orca, I jutst thought, not like this. 

    After a chat with the husband I have decided we will not be going, we are yet to have a conversation with Oliver to explain why and see if he wants to go or not. I am instead going to go out on a boat into the ocean and see what I am lucky enough to see. Last time I saw dolphins and a type of whale that  I forget the name of. It was magical. 

    The UK election and also a trip planned to go abroad later this year really got me thinking about the power of my voice. I hate confrontation, I don’t think that will change. However these things have got me questioning my life choices are making me realise that in saying nothing, I am still saying something and that is almost as powerful as it is sad. 

    Now I don’t want people to worry I am going to start shoving animal rights and anti meat memes down their throats (that’s not my style). I do however really want to take some time to explore my moral and ethical compass and see where I sit. So please do not judge me. Let me grow. 

    Until you realise you can’t help everyone, and start helping someone, you will never help anyone – unknown

    I realise now how true this saying is, so I am slowly going to try and just help someone. If we all do that we can surely help everyone. 

    Thank you for reading

    Cherrysnotmyname 🍒😊


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