The Sh!t rant


Ok, so this is actually a rant about Sh*t. Dog sh*t to be specific. Dogs are lovely, I get it. Dogs provide companionship which is fantastic, but they  also sh*t, a lot and in public places. Now don’t get me wrong, I kinda like dogs. It’s certain owners I don’t like. Specifically the ones who don’t clean up their dogs crap. You are their owner and therefore assume the responsibility of chief pooper scooper. How you do it I do not care, with a carrier bag? A scented bag on a stick? With a shovel? With your bare hands?… Ok, I take that last one back, don’t do it with your bare hands, that’s just gross. I’m not moaning for the sake of it. It does look disgusting and often smells, but I can deal with that. 

I am not even moaning because, yes sometimes I step in it. “Muck for luck” they say, hmmm I think that may be something someone invented so not to be so annoyed they had trod in crap… again , hahaha. I am moaning and annoyed, and rightly so. Because I have three children, I just want to clarify I am not annoyed that I have three children, I was about to continue the sentence with, and going for walks and nice trips outside can be made a bazillion times harder by one of them stepping in dog crap. It’s even worse when your 3.5 year old picks up a dried piece of dog poop thinking it is a stone (to the people who will start bitching about how did he get to the dog poo, what was his mum doing etc)  I was getting his baby brother out of the pushchair. Even on our short journey to nursery our boys can often end up walking in poop. It’s really frustrating! 

Some people might say I should look where I am going, others might say I should keep a closer eye on my kids, but I counter that with, I shouldn’t have to. Why should I have to assume responsibility for the actions of some person who has selfishly walked their dog and let them go poopies on the pavement? I know this is life and sometimes there are really annoying people who do things like this and in the great scheme of things with all the horrific things that happen daily in the world, not picking up piece of dog poop is nothing. And yes I would be forced to agree with you, yet this is still something that really pisses me off!! Does this subject deserve a whole blog post? Probably not, but here we are anyway. 

I want to end this on a positive note, so boo to all those who don’t do what they are meant to do. I want to take this time to say 

                          β€’T H A N K Y O Uβ€’

To all the responsible dog owners, the ones who clean up after their dogs. Who not only have them to look good, but care for them and clean up their poop. I have used washable nappies on my kiddies and I know how rancid it is to actually have someone/something else’s poop so close to you. I applaud you πŸ‘. I have even said thank you to strangers  who have been cleaning up dog poop, they generally look at me like I am a lunatic. Maybe I am? Hahahahaha. Anyway, thanks for getting this far, may your day be filled with less sh*t than normal, due to some awesome dog owners. 

Thanks for reading 

Cherrysnotmyname πŸ’


2 thoughts on “The Sh!t rant

  1. Your not a lunatic!!! People around my village NEVER pick up their dogs poo. It’s the most disgusting thing ever.
    The other day I saw a chav dragging his dog along while it was trying to shit, thus leaving a line of poo.
    He didn’t even look twice to pick it up!
    For all I care, he can pick it up with his bare hands and smear it over his face, coz he bloody deserves it!

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  2. That’s a wicked rant ….you bloody tell em …dog shit in certain areas probably have greater cost depending on where you live”cause I’ve heard the expression “That Shit looks good!I think they. Live on planet asshole!:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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