Knees bent, arms stretched *parp parp parp*


Hi Guys this is just a quick post. I wanted to say my grin was as big as the kids on the front of this packet. Yesterday I decided to progress Zachary to pull ups. It’s such a huge milestone for us. Since January we have been working on him learning to pull his own trousers up and down when he got changed. He is a pro now, in the mornings he is often heard saying “I do it, I do it”. Don’t get me wrong we are still a while away from actual toilet training and him becoming independent with regards to his toileting needs, BUT this is a huge step in the right direction. 

I have a mini plan in place in my head. Which I started yesterday and it is working pretty well so far. We refer to the pull ups as Zachary’s pants. He is responsible for pulling up and down his own trousers and pants, whenever he has pee’d or pooped his pants, this means he also gets used to standing to do this as previously he has still be lying down like a baby. We also do all changes in the bathroom, so he will begin to associate toileting with the bathroom. He is responsible for wiping his penis and I his bottom. Dependent on the type of poop (he has had toddler diaherrea syndrome, so vary rarely does solid poops) we flush it down the toilet and say “goodbye”. He must wash his hands and dry them after. 

So far today he has done really well with this, although he did refuse to put his trousers back on after one of the changes, but I ignored it and carried on with the process. Zachary is 3 years and 6 months and I know there will be some people reading this screaming at their monitors/phone/tablet screens, shouting “why haven’t you done this before???” “Why didn’t you start this earlier??” And my response would be, neither of us were ready. Zachary has only In the last 2-4 weeks become competent enough to follow the instructions and carry them out sucessfully. Also I now feel ready to support him knowing he has a little more understanding. I am hoping that with consistency, patience and a little encouragement. He may now begin to let us know when he has pee’d and pooped and want to start the toilet training process, I am not expecting miracles, but I know Zachary has the physical capacity and we just have to help him put the right connections in place. 

Here’s to seeing a future with no nappies and pull ups in sight, it’s in the distant future, but we can at least see it now. I am so proud of my boy and this next step into his journey we are taking together. 

Thanks for reading

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


One thought on “Knees bent, arms stretched *parp parp parp*

  1. I’m proud of all you’re efforts ‘I’ve seen you and Sean try so hard and keep blogging Cherie it will help others ….one day at a time is how life works …me n Julie are proud of you both…three little boys are loved very much n it shows even through the tough times… you….xxxx

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