The power of lists:Part 2

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to create a list to try and help me have a more organised and effective day. I knew I had put far too much in my list, let’s see how I did

• Call the ENT dept about Darwin’s appointment – I realised I actually have to call back on Monday, d’oh

• Transfer all new appointments for the boys into my diary – this hasn’t happened. Ooops

• Confirm attendance for Zachary’s autism courses, speech and language and Makaton course – phone calls made waiting on confirmation for them

• Deep clean the kitchen, including emptying and cleaning the fridge – this has been started, however haven’t managed to sort out the cupboards or the fridge 😁

• Strip all bedding and wash and change for clean bedding – this has been completed. Yay

• Sort and put away the 4 baskets of clean washing (I iron on a as and when needed basis) – The clothes have been sorted into piles of who they belong to/ where they need to be stored, but not yet put away. 

• Deep clean the bathroom – nope

• Clean the boys room, including sorting through all toys and clothes –  nope 

• Sort out Zachary’s summer holiday funding and placement. – relevant people called, waiting for information. Fingers crossed the funding can be given. 

• Install the new filter on the fish tank – completed, yay

• Clean the windows (downstairs are priority) – Nope

• Complete an outstanding blog post – nope, but the update for yesterday is completed (this is this post) 

• Go for a run/ fast walk (I need to start training for the 5K I am going to do) – nope, I knew this wouldn’t happen, it was the least important thing on my list!!

So, all in all, I was still a bit crap… BUT… I do at least have my list for tomorrow. I am not going to beat myself up for what I haven’t completed. I have been meaning to install the fish tank filter for almost 2 weeks, if it hadn’t of been on my list, it would not have been done today. I still have a lot to do and still need to work on prioritising my jobs, but hey, I got some stuff done. That’s got to be a positive right 😊

Thanks for reading

Cherryanotmyname 🍒


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