The power of lists

I am not the most organised of people, at least not with my home life. Ask any one that knows me. I often get overwhelmed by all that I have to do. This Easter holiday has been particularly bad, with the Mr in hospital for four days having had hand surgery, the change in routine with Oliver not being at school and then the mad midnight dashes via ambulance to the children’s hospital for not one but two of my kiddies. It’s all sort of fallen apart. Well I have decided that tomorrow is the day I stop feeling overwhelmed and grab life by the goolies and take charge.

I have heard that most organised and sucessful people use lists. It helps them see exactly what they need to do and also helps them to prioritise too. So I have decided I am going to make a list of all the things I need/want to do tomorrow and see if it helps me to be more empowered and pro active. Wish me luck! I’m going to need it, hahaha. 

So here is my list, these are not listed in any particular order just as they pop into my mind.

• Call the ENT dept about Darwin’s appointment

• Transfer all new appointments for the boys into my diary

• Confirm attendance for Zachary’s autism courses, speech and language and Makaton course

• Deep clean the kitchen, including emptying and cleaning the fridge

• Strip all bedding and wash and change for clean bedding

• Sort and put away the 4 baskets of clean washing (I iron on a as and when needed basis)

• Deep clean the bathroom

• Clean the boys room, including sorting through all toys and clothes

• Sort out Zachary’s summer holiday funding and placement. 

• Install the new filter on the fish tank

• Clean the windows (downstairs are priority)

• Complete an outstanding blog post 

• Go for a run/ fast walk (I need to start training for the 5K I am going to do)

This may not seem like a lot, but like I said I am prone to getting overwhelmed and often get distracted/procrastinate. My younger two will hopefully be at nursery (here’s hoping their temperatures stay down tonight) so this will make it easier to complete. I will also have the normal tasks of making sure daily jobs are done, making sure the kids are fed and watered, bathed, bags sorted and packed and the daily energy drainer, the bedtime routine. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good day.

What’s on your list? Do you make a list? If you have any tips you want to share, please do. 

Thanks for reading 

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


7 thoughts on “The power of lists

  1. Organised and successful people have lists do they?!
    Christ I must be super organised and successful then lol I have a list for EVERYTHING.

    Oh and a spread sheet for birthdays, Christmas 2015, our holiday and most importantly all the bills.

    Yay for me 😁

    Good start on your list btw. I get such huge satisfaction from writing a list and ticking off each thing!

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    • You are very organised and when you put your mind to it you can make a lot happen. I should really do spreadsheets etc, I bet it would help with the panic I get near to their days etc. anyway, one thing at a time, let’s see how I get on with this list tomorrow 😊


  2. I do list at work and my routine is at the end of each day cross of what I’ve done then write a new one ready for the next day.
    Home is a totally different story no list a diary that’s not updated the odd missed appointment has occurred ….oops

    But I do agree list does help with orginisation

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    • Hi Sergie,
      Thanks for commenting, I did what you said you do and I crossed stuff on the list and what wasn’t finished was passed onto the next day, I still haven’t finished it all but I at lest have an idea of what I need to do.


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