Going dairy free the first few days

      ** WARNING…  lots of poop talk **

Me and the Mr have been talking for a while about changing our diet. We are generally extremists when it comes to our diets either eating really well or completely crap. The crap normal comes about when we are tired and we go for convience. I am what my GP calls lactose/dairy sensitive this means ‘technically’ I can tolerate dairy BUT too much of it gives me cramps, headaches, bloating, nausea, problems with my bowels and extreme wind, the current 40MPH winds we are experiencing in England are not half as bad as what happens to me when I chug down a dairy milk shake or a sneaky latte. 


Left: No dairy          Right: 2 milkshakes

About every 6 months I do a self imposed dairy detox, generally I do it when I get to the point that the small amount of milk in my tea sets me off. It doesn’t help that I also have IBS and have other factors that can trigger that off too. I normally just cut out cows milk, cheese and butter and go for a dairy free alternative and then I just don’t have ice cream, chocolate or yoghurt for about 2 weeks and then slowly introduce it back in over the course or 2-4 weeks depending on if I get symptoms again or not. I am used to living with constant stomach aches/cramps, brain fog, headaches etc. So why change now? 

I have three boys Oliver (7.5), Zachary (3.5) Darwin (18 mo). All my boys have some sort of poop issues. None of them do consistently solid poops. Oliver bless him gets very upset as shall we say it’s much harder to clean, Zachary has a diagnosis of TDS (Toddler diaherrea syndrome), I can count on one hand how many times he has done a solid poo. This does not help with the potty training issues we have. Then there is Darwin, he also does not do solid poo’s and then every few weeks gets horrendous diaherrea, with no other symptoms of being poorly, but it’s not like he is poorly, he might only have it once or twice a day over a 4-14 day period. The Nurse at my GP centre is a little baffled. She has said he will probably end up with a diagnosis of TDS too. Darwin also gets extreme issues with wind too at night, he often wakes screaming unable to settle. Poor little mite. If you have ever had trapped wind before (it is horrifically painful) then you will feel sorry for the poor dude. 

We ended up back at the GPs re: Darwin’s poo with yet another sample being sent off, I decided to ask the question. Should we consider going dairy free? She agreed it would be a good idea and since we all seem to have poop issues except for Sean that we should go Dairy free as a family. She said as it isn’t an allergy just to give up the main culprits milk, ice cream, yoghurt, butter, cheese, cream and chocolate. We don’t have to worry if there is milk in biscuits or bread etc. This will make it much easier for us and family when working out what we can and can’t have. Thankfully I have managed to find some non dairy Easter eggs. It will be helpful when we are in the shops and the kiddies want chocolate, sorry kids it has dairy in it. Win win! Some family members have already bought Easter eggs for the boys, we have decided we will donate them and or make cakes with them to give away. 

I’ve informed the nursery and requested the younger two don’t have soya alternatives. Thankfully they have a child who is dairy free already, so they have said they can have the same as him. When we went shopping being more aware of what was in different products meant we shopped a lot fresher, lots of veg and we are planning to change the way we shop, doing smaller weekly shops as oppsosed to bigger monthly shops. Hopefully this will help reduce our waste as well. Obviously when eliminating anything from someone’s diet, especially children’s you have to make sure that all the nutrients and vitamin requirements are still being met. A trip into Boots showed they were having a sale on vitamins, 3 for 2. 


                       Got these bad boys for my bad boys

So this is the beginning of us starting our journey into the world of dairy free. Zachary and Darwin will eat ANYTHING and I mean anything so I have no concerns there. Oliver on the other hand can be a little more fussy and the big difference is he is aware of the change. He can be a little dramatic as he said “Mum I can’t believe this, right before Easter. You have kind of ruined my life” my response was “sorry you feel like that, but if changing from normal chocolate eggs to dairy free ones ruins your life, you have a pretty epic life” he just said “yeah, I guess so”. Seven year olds are so funny. Milk and butter are the easiest things to change, we have gone for PURE sunflower oil spread and we have about 6 different milks, rice, coconut, almond, oat, soya and lactose free (just for cups of tea).We bought Vegan cheese and so far have had it in a burger and a cheese sandwich and it was really nice, although it didn’t melt. Oliver is gutted we can’t have takeaway pizza anymore, my waist line and my bank account are happy.  Since we as started this Darwin has had 4 poos 2 which were solid. Yay. Oliver and Zachary haven’t really seen any difference so We are going to continue and see what happens. 

Thanks for reading 

Cherrysnotmyname 🍒


2 thoughts on “Going dairy free the first few days

    • Oh yes much easier to cut out meat, I did go veggie for about 6 weeks just as I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, baby had different ideas. I think it would be so much harder if we had to be truly dairy free. Hopefully this will be enough. I used to use vitalite quite a lot, but I was told the other day, it’s quite processed and chemically compared to Pure, but thank you for the tip! And the comment 😊


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