Alas the magic has begun to fade

One thing I love about having my 3 boys is that even though they are such different ages I still learn so much from them all. Sometimes I have to remember that I am still a novice on the journey we call parenthood. Especially with Oliver, with him being my first born it is easy to forget that I am still learning from him and experiencing things I have never dealt with before. I remember when he lost his first tooth, it was the first time I had experienced a child losing their tooth and I didn’t even know it was wobbly. I cried, in the middle of a Sports Direct store. It was shock and just an intense burst of emotion as it felt like such a huge milestone. 

Oliver is at a strange age at the moment, he is so grown up and yet so young. He really wants to assert his independence and show he is growing up, asking for his own hair products, deodorants and choosing his own clothes, yet he is still so young, still wanting to share a bath, bed and cuddles with his younger brothers. He is seven, sometimes it feels like Wow, he is seven already, where did the time go? Then sometimes it is he is only seven and he is my baby! I think it must be quite a confusing time for him, he wants desperately to be grown up. Often asking if he is or if he acts like a teenager. 

It’s funny because it is a joy to watch him grow up. Things like learning the green cross code, riding his bike, being able to read to himself, being able to prepare small snacks, him gaining an interest in fitness and nutrition. It is wonderful to watch him learn how to express himself, wanting a diary, time away from his brothers, wanting to do ‘cool’ things that I just don’t get, like make videos about video games, wanting to collect things like Moshi monsters and basically being a child of this generation. 

Every mile stone that he passes I feel a sense of pride. Not in me, people often say that we are doing a great job and we must be proud of ourselves, but I am proud of him. We recently had Parent pupil day and not a single bad word was said about Oliver, he is excelling in almost every area, particularly maths (he gets that from his Dad). He is held up as a role model and the teachers have said what a joy he is to teach. I had a conversation with Oliver afterwards and explained that I was really proud of him, not for being so far ahead in his subjects, yes that is great and I don’t want to take that away from him, but moreso for the effort he puts in. I explained that if he put the same amount of effort in but didn’t have such fantastic grades then we would still be just as proud. 

Oliver is very clever and very logical and he questions everything (again he gets this from his Dad). It was no surprise that when his tooth fell out, he explained that he doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy. He gave us his reasons and we respected that. However I wasn’t ready when the other night during a brief chat before bed he declared “I don’t believe in the Easter bunny, I know it’s not real” I wasn’t too fussed about him not believing in the Easter bunny, but then he casually dropped the big one “oh and I know Father Christmas isn’t real too” that one hurt, I could hide the look of upset on my face. I half heartedly tried to convince him otherwise but his mind was set and he started reeling of reasons why the concept of Father Christmas was so implausible. I must admit, it made me sad. Sad that he is growing faster than I am ready for, sad that I never realised that last Christmas was the last one where he would believe in Father Christmas. Over these Easter holidays I am going to take the time to do silly things with him, to bake, to paint, to dance till we are out of breath, to play silly games and to enjoy ourselves together, because as the title of this post says… The magic is fading, his innocence is fading and I want to enjoy every last minute of it with him and also my other two boys because I never knew how quickly it’s fades. 

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