Last week on my Instagram account [mynamesnotcherry go have a mooch] someone who I follow posted a picture of themselves with a sheet of paper with the hashtag #Wearenotcool she went on to write a list of uncool things that she had done. One of which was feed her child chicken nuggets, because she couldn’t be bothered to cook. It really made me smile and made me feel like I am not such a terrible mum.

I don’t use Facebook anymore for personal reasons, ok I have no self restraint and spend hours upon hours on there, but I love Instagram! Sometimes though when you are scrolling through and you see all these gorgeously stylised photographs it can make you feel a bit. Meh! I do it too, I don’t think a photograph is good enough to post, try and edit it, re take it at a better angle etc. every now and again it is pretty nice to see a real photo. A here and now, no filters, no editing kind of picture. 


                             Bucket Heads

The above photo wasn’t posted on Instagram as I was too embarrassed by the mess. Look at all that ‘crap’ on the window sill. The step stool is upside down, the door handle has been removed, the towel on the floor, the door needs a wipe, the floor needs a good sweep and mop. But, actually this photo is beautiful. It shows a rare moment, where my two littlest are playing and interacting with each other, where they are not fighting, there is no smashing, banging or hitting. Just smiles and love. I’m not sure who wore the bucket on their head first, but I love that the other one copied. 

I am new to this whole world of blogging, but already I love it. For some reason, I feel a lot more freer and able to do a ‘warts and all’ recollection of events than I ever felt on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it’s because I don’t actually know who is reading it???  Anyway, whoever you are. I have decided to list something’s that I/We do as a family that make us, not cool! 

  1. Feed my baby cheap crisps on the bus so I can read The Green Parent magazine, oh the irony

  2.  Only keep my cat because she is beautiful. I don’t like her fur everywhere, I hate the noise she makes when she cleans herself. Also when she purrs it actually makes me angry! Once we forget (I do actually mean forget, I’m not being sarcastic) to buy cat food and she had to have tinned spaghetti… Ooops

  3. take before and after photographs when I tidy, seeeeeee I dooooooo tidy!!!

  4. Take photographs of my kiddies with dirt on their faces/ crying/ no pants on etc. The best Mummy award is NOT going to me this year, but I am ok with that. 


5. Say I am going to do these monthly challenges…. It never ends well

6. Choose blogging over housework 

7. Put the sugar ‘wrapper/bag’ thing in with the normal rubbish as I always forget it is paper and recyclable till its too late and covered in food scraps. 

8. Eat really healthy or just binge, there seems to be no middle ground for us. It’s something we are working on. 

9. We can often be as a family be found to be wearing odd socks, in our house we have at least 80 pairs of socks, that’s a lot of socks and because I don’t like boring plain black ones there are many many varieties of odd socks to wear! *on a side note is 80 pairs of socks excessive for a family of 5???

10.  Take myself far too serious and not serious enough at the same time. I am every cliché  going. 

One thing I know for sure is #Iamnotcool and as a family #Wearenotcool and you know what. That is fine by me. 

Thank you for reading



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