Paloma Faith and not giving a shit


I have one thing I want to say to Paloma Faith and it’s • T H A N K Y O U • 

As I may have mentioned in a previous article, I recently turned thirty. Well, one of my bestest friends bought tickets for her and I to go see Paloma Faith in Birmingham on March 19th. It’s funny how things work out as they were booked many moons ago and the date ended up coinciding with the last shift at my job. It had been a tough day, the safe had broke at work and I was unable to get it open we had to trade with only one cash till. Anyway, after I left work I was greeted with a text from the husband, due to an issue with our Porch doors and me not doing something I had inadvertently locked him and our 3 boys out. I just wanted the day to end. I almost cancelled going to see Paloma, but my God, I am glad Emily convinced me other wise. After going for food at Wetherspoons, I told Emily I wanted ‘meat and chips’ I ended up having chicken and a rack of ribs, yum yum yum. We went over to what I know as the NIA but apprently is now called something to do with Barclaycard? Meh. 

Paloma’s supporting act was a Rhythm and Blues/Rock band from America, the lead singer was a charismatic black gentlemen, who at points through out their set reminded me of a preacher from a small baptist church in some film I had previously seen. The band were called VINTAGE TROUBLE and the lead singer  Ty Taylor his vocals are like liquid gold, so silky smooth and a little bit sexual if I do say so myself, his range and grittiness were out of this world. Definitely a band to be seen live.

                Vintage Trouble’s Album  

Paloma was phenomenal in every sense of the word. She looked amazing, sounded fantastic, put on a great show and somehow made me love her a little bit more. The thing with Paloma is she is so, umm how can I put this??? • ORDINARY • it almost sounds like an insult when I say it out loud, but it is the biggest compliment I could give her. She has this big powerful voice filled with so much soul and has the confidence to wear all those amazing dresses, shoes and hair styles. She isn’t afraid to be herself. Yet she is totally normal. Emily and I spoke about how we could totally see ourselves with Paloma dancing away in some cheesy bar.

It’s a funny thing how stardom changes our perceptions of people. How they become our property, it’s our right to know everything about them, demand access to them 24/7 and pry into every detail of their lives and the justification is that they are famous. I do not agree with the normally anyway, but Paloma has this way of keeping her humanity. So when I was dancing away and Emily grabbed me a thrust me towards the aisle whilst I just looked a bit confused, only to look up and see Paloma singing and walking down the aisle where Emily had practically thrown me. I stood there and I could see all these people taking photos, screaming and touching and trying to grab her. For a moment it did cross through my mind to stick my hand out and touch her, but something stopped me. She is only human after all. She wasn’t asking to be touched, she wasn’t inviting us to touch her. I think maybe if she had her hand out to give people high fives, I may well have high fived her 👋. She performed for almost the whole set, there where no wardrobe changes/set changes… My god the set was gorgeous!!! Any way, the only time she stopped performing was to interact with the audience. She has such a funny sense of humour and her laugh, well it’s so ….Paloma. She spoke about politics; which I though was quite brave. She spoke about our need to vote and she spoke about her Mum being a socialist. She spoke about Tax evasion and how the rich would always vote as it was in their benefit.

Watching Paloma up on stage and listening to her speak passionately about the things that meant something to her. I felt, free. I sang out loud till my voice was hoarse, danced until my legs ached and it had the best time. There was a lady in front of me who obviously felt the same way and Emily did too. We had so much fun and we must have been the only people not drinking alcohol where we were sat, we were surprised how many people left to go and get more alcohol. Emily had so much fun and after I said normally I would have been too self conscious and would have needed alcohol to let me get to the point of not giving a shit. At some times I did start to think about what people might be thinking, but then I just thought I wanted to make the most of this experience. I just want to point out that I have nothing against drinking alcohol it’s just I have used it as a device in the past to give me false confidence and I was just so happy I didn’t need that. Paloma really inspired me to just be me, not to give a shit and be passionate about what I like (even if I am still finding out what these things are). So if I could say one thing to Paloma it would be 

                           • THANKYOU•

Thank you for reading



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